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This is a RANDOM TANDEM MEG THOUGHT . Sometimes things pop in my head and I want to discuss so here it is.

Do you ladies remember the Chanel Vamp nail polish craze? I am proud to say I saw it coming and being the Chanel freak I am had a coveted bottle. It was the adult Cabbage Patch kid and I wore it to death in the height of it’s craze. I wore it so much I used all of it, this while it was so hot and every fashionista was still sporting it. I went to my local Filene’s and slipped the Chanel counter girl a $20 to let me have the Vamp tester out on her display. Alls fair in beauty trends. Eat or be eaten or something.

I had yet to be crazed for a nail trend until I saw an editorial picture of a model wearing OPI RUSSIAN NAVY. Oh boy, I could feel in my witchy premonition bones that this was going to be fall’s hottest color. My intuition did not steer me wrong. I went to my favorite nail salon and yes, they were out of Russian Navy. I decided to let my creativity rule this unfortunate situation. I had my manicurist first paint my nails black, let the color seep in and then apply a regular blue. It was navy, I was fine, but it still wasn’t the Russian Navy I longed for.

I had to make 2 different trips to two different beauty supply stores. I bought the last 2 bottles of the Russian Navy. I carried my own bottles, Thank-you-very-much into the salon not willing to be shut out of fall’s destined trend.

I love it, I love it like back in the day when I loved Vamp. It’s sexy, it’s naughty, it’s sophisticated and it plays hard to get. What more could a girl want?

Also, everyday-seriously, a compliment comes on my new nails. Mark my words, get your hands on a bottle of Russian Navy now!

Any other Russian Navy fans or fall predictions?

Check your local beauty supply store to score this hot color!

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