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openitSharond here! Karen726 made a comment on one of my reviews about how she disliked the overuse of packaging.  I empathized with her and see it as such a waste of our precious natural recourses and worse, all the chemicals that go into the packaging material.  Of all the packaging, I find that heavy plastic sandwiched between cardboard is the worse.   I can not even begin to tell you how many finger nails I have broken, knives I have ruined, scissors I have had to buy because they broke trying to open a package and even going so far as avoiding to buy an item as I knew I would not be able to open it.  When Karen726 made that comment, I knew I had to write about an item I found at Walgreen’s Drug Store on sale for under $10.00.  This item is the OpenIt For Plastic Packaging & More by Zibra and has become the handiest tool in any drawer or glove box in our household.  This product does not fall into the make-up category, but it will save your manicure.

 The OpenIt is a scissor looking devise with angled offset jaws made of hardened and plated alloy steel.  It has ergo handles covered in a hard rubber that can be used by either left or right-handed people, a retractable utility knife, and a removable Phillips and slotted mini screwdriver set all in one convenient package.

I have used the jaws to open the plastic packaging on a pair of headphones and just snipped my way around almost as if it was a heavy paper.  I even cut down a soda bottle for a quick makeshift funnel.  The other day I needed a quick tool to tighten the screw on the drain screen of the bathtub, again the OpenIt was faster than rummaging through the drawers finding the correct small screwdriver.  Making dinner, I had to cut the strings on a roast, again using the OpenIt jaws, and cutting chicken (yuk job anyway) was easy.  I did run the OpenIt through the dishwasher without any damage.  The retractable x-acto knife is the perfect size for opening packages and boxes from items you have ordered.  This little gizmo was so functional and well built, it must have been designed by women.

I was correct.  I went to the Zibra site to read about the company and to see if they had any more items that fill that niche market where we need something, but no one makes it.  The site tells about how a group of women were talking and discussing these types of products and the idea of a company evolved from those meetings.  All ideas/designs go through a three-step design review process before being manufactured.  Customers are encouraged to comment or send in ideas of new products or even how to improve upon what is already there.  Since their products are manufactured in China, as most products like this are, Zibra feels very strongly about giving back to the Chinese people.  They have created the Made in China foundation with a percentage of their pre-tax profits.  Their foundation helps US families adopt children living in Chinese orphanages.  Like Zibra says on the website of all the wonderful items exported from China, these helpless children are the most precious.  You can go on their site and read about all the other wonderful things this foundation accomplishes.  I always admire a company who gives back and giving back to the truly helpless is terrific.  Women, where would the world be without us?

What do you think of all the excess packaging and how do we get companies to rethink how they package their products?  Until then, would you love to have a little OpenIt around to open those hard to open packages and save your manicure?

What is your rescue tool?

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