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Katehrm777 here to continue on my journey to help everyone find the best hair care they can. You know how most people have a little “sibling rivalry” going on in their family? Well I gave up on sibling rivalry a long time ago. My oldest brother is currently on a full ride scholarship (actually not only does he not have to pay for tuition, but they also give him $25K a year to “live on”) to get his PhD at Yale. My other brother has spent the past two years living in a tent in New Orleans volunteering 15 hours a day building houses for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I, in keeping up the great tradition of Ballard-Rosa children, spend most of my time applying to be on reality TV shows. Also napping. And watching Olympic montages and getting worked up by images of my own exercise montage (ending of course, with my emerging with a beautiful, Jessica-Simpson-in-the-Dukes-of-Hazzard body and then simultaneously running into my evil ex boyfriend. Or my boyfriend’s evil ex-girlfriend. I alternate). So since I will never win in the “educated” or “good person” category of my family, I long ago made a pledge to win the one category I know I have a chance at…the “good hair” category. Thank you Ookisa for making my dreams come true.

I got the Ookisa Fortifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner to try. I was a little nervous at first to just use a conditioner on my hair as currently I have a whole song and dance for when I wash my hair involving protein treatments, colored enhancing conditioner, deep treatment conditioner and so on. However, this light conditioner worked wonders. Not only did it make my hair extremely soft and shiny, but because it is especially made for thinning hair, my hair was so light and bouncy! I wanted to ride in a convertible with my hair blowing behind me. I didn’t, of course, because in reality all that does is blow your hair everywhere and cause it to stick to your lip gloss, but the idea is nice.

Ookisa is specially made for women with thinning hair, however, even if you do not have thinning hair (or like me have a giant beyond the belief of anyone’s imagination poof ball of doom), it works great on the overall texture and condition of your hair. I was a little nervous about writing a review after only being able to use it twice (because most hair products need at least a few months to show real results) but this improved the overall look and feel of my hair after even the first use. While I cannot speak to the supposed wonderful thickening powers of Ookisa (my post washing routine involves lots of round brushing and smushing my hair between 400 degree hot plates to remove the maximum amount of volume possible) I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who wants to punch up their hair, and I could definitely see how this would improve someone’s hair drastically with continued use.

Well I’m off to go eat some deep friend ice cream while watching 4’8″, 80 pound girls flip themselves in the air like magical fairies (forget the montage…the evil ex’s live hundreds of miles away anyways). Any other sibling rejects out there consoling themselves with Ookisa-like beautiful hair?

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