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Oh y’all! It’s always so hard to come back to work from Vacation. I went to Memphis/Mississippi last weekend cause I had a meeting and then I hung around with my friend Ellison and we ate TCBY like 3 times in a period of 24 hours (I’ve decided that its OK to still like rainbow sprinkles on your ice cream and be above the age of seven. They just make it taste better! Really!) So I had a really relaxing 3 days off and then I came back to the beach only to face a tsunami! I just had like 1,001 things to do – I feel like I did 40 hours work in only 3 days this week! Wow! Now I’m glad I have two more days off again – going to see the grandparents in Iowa (I know…its random…I’m just a global citizen).

Anyhow, all of the store displays and stuff have changed to a full-scale launch of beauty insider (yeah…go to the store, I hung up all those signs hanging from the columns, I put the banners in the window….yeah, its not magic. Its Katie.) ( I know ALL of you have your cards already and have gotten every sample possible! but for those of you that don’t know I’ll remind you that it is Sephora’s FREE loyalty card – for every one dollar you spend in the store, Sephora puts a dollar in your “beauty bank”. When you get to 100 you start earning free DELUXE samples when you shop! And I mean, they are COOL samples! You also get to come collect a really fun gift the month of your birthday and you have the opportunity to buy products that ONLY beauty insiders can buy and you definitely can’t get them at other stores. In fact, there are so many fun things that you can buy ONLY AT SEPHORA. Such as……

You can get your very own Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips plumping gloss in KRYSTAL – a very versatile clear gloss with great plumping action!

You can ONLY get the ultra-dark, ultra-cool DiorShow BlackOut kohl mascara at Sephora.

Hmm…what else? Dr. Brandt Liquid skin – the water-based, night time treatment prep cream that has seven amino acids in it. Yep, Only at Sephora.

Are you a Philosophy lover? A Grapefruit lover? Both? You can get the Grapefruit bubble bath ONLY at Sephora.

You can be Beautiful with Bourjois with the Pretty in Paris set with a Yes to Volume Mascara, Clear brow gel, shimmery pink lip gloss and an eyeshadow duo – that’s a whole face, only at Sephora.

The Michael Kors Hawaii limited edition summer fragrance which includes a cosmetic bag and a monogrammed sarong. It smells SOOOO good!

I know that we have some Stila loving junkies out there. They make this illuminating tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 that gives you glow glow glow! But you can’t buy it at Nordstrom or Bloomies!

I know that I talk about Cosmedicine products pretty often too (they’re so fab) – only available at Sephora and Klinger Advanced Aesthetics spas!

Oh my gosh–I’ve just made y’all a shopping list! I better quit there before I max out your credit cards! Happy Shopping!

Ladies, What’s on your shopping list for Sephora! What must have product did I forget?

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