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Meg here, so I love my Grammy more then anything but sometimes she says old people type things and I just look at her and make some remark and it usually goes like this. Keep in mind we totally had this conversation when I was about 7 years old and it wasn’t like I was a dirty kid or anything.

Grammy: ” Meg, do you have clean underwear on?”
Me: “Yes”
Grammy :“That’s good, you know it’s very important to wear clean underwear everyday. If you were in a serious car accident you’d want to be sure you were brought to the hospital in clean underwear”.
Me: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Is that a common concern or are we seeing where I get the odd duck gene?

That flashed through my brain when Nundies showed up! Say goodbye to panty lines! Just peel and place. Disposable underwear, so long thong-bye bye briefs! “Nundies are a great fashion solution product for women who want to go bare-down-there without the discomfort of itchy clothing. Nundies also save women from the embarrassment of tacky panty lines and from having to wear uncomfortable thongs.”

I had a bbq to go to and I wanted to wear head to toe white, I grabbed my nundie pack, I chose the shade “blushing buff”. Each disposable nundie is in the shape of a tulip. I followed the directions, I peeled off the paper and put the sticky side down in my pants~tulip tips sticking to the front. I pulled up my white pants and zipped. And then I adjusted, then I had to adjust again, then it felt like the tip of the tulip had somehow adhered itself to the tip of MY tulip (if you know what I mean). God, forget it. I couldn’t deal.

Maybe there are total Nundie lovers out there and I just have a funny flower but I’m sticking with my most favorite Le Mystere Tisha thong. The Nundies are 5 one time wears for $12.00 my thong is $18 and as long as there’s a washing machine around I don’t have to fear ambulances.

At you can get either one and if you sign up for their site you automatically get 15% OFF!

There’s alot of gorgeous and sexy lingerie at great prices there! Now that I’m single (Hubba Hubba)** I need the romantic underpinnings!**

** Hubba Hubba, means comfortable and cute enough to wear watching My Life on The D-List. With a glass of wine….By myself! Aaaargh.

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