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Meg here and I am usually not very opinionated (ha) but really, If I had a choice to marry a presidential front-runner or light myself on fire, I’d reach for the gasoline.

I’m probably going to get a lot of slack for this but I just don’t get it. I mean, we can have a pleasant one on one with the potential first wives but why the harsh critiques?

My ex-Hom is a super tech wizard. He knows everythig about the VOIP world. He married me. If I sat down to do an interveiw for him to be able to get a promotion and was grilled on mobile strategy and telecom~um, he would surely lose that position because I don’t know jack about it. Same thinking if a lawyer was married to a doctor, would you ask the lawyer husband on how to get rid of a staph infection or the doctor wife what to plea to? I don’t think that makes any sense at all. I’m not saying the first wives should be morons but I do think we can cut them some slack on knowing issues that they’re not even looking to precide over

Being a pro-women, pro-beauty site I want to focus on something that they can control, something that they can do to express themselves withut talking policy. Yes, the issues of hair, makeup, outfits and accessories. Just to be non partisan I will note that I loved Jackie O’s pillbox hats and Chanel Suits right up there with the “Nancy Reagan Red”.

First, because she is getting a beating over this, lets defend Cindy McCain~She wore a $4,500 Chanel watch! Her pearls were $11,000! Her shoes $600 and the suit~ OMG An Oscar De la Renta suit at $2,500. Um, she’s loaded. It’s not taxpayer money. fashion Editor Nina Garcia says “She is Oscar de la Renta. [She’s] all about bold colors and she’s all about diamonds and pearls and blondeness.”

When I got married in front of 200 people I spent around $10,000 on that outfit, shoes and jewelry. She’s in front of an audience of 38.9 million people. I’d probably bring out the good pearls for that one too.

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There always stylish Michelle Obama who has been called “Camelot with a Tan”. Her MO is to wear her favorite local designer, Maria Pinto and shuns flashy bling except for the classic one strand necklace. It is stylish but “accessible”. Style expert Tim Gunn says epitomizes class and American style,” he said. “She looks approachable.” Nina Garcia says ““[Obama] is Miss Jackie O. — ’50s, early ’60s,”

I understand in tough economic times there needs to be a sensitivity when on a public platform. It’s not like Cindy McCain yelled out “Let them eat cake!” but the media’s reaction to her outfit implied she did.

Household income for the Obama’s is close to 1 million dollars a year. Michelle personally brings in $275,000. The McCain’s are worth over 100 million dollars. So, to be fair, they have better clothing allowances then say, oh, I don’t know 99.9% of the population.

In my Bible~US Weekly, Barack says he loves “Michelle shops at Target.” I like to shop at Target. If my income was 1 million a year I might stop doing that. I mean is that endearing or just pandering? I would bet my last dollar Cindy McCain has never been inside a Target, should that really bother me? Does that show she’s really out of touch or that she just likes her Chanel watch?

England will not give up their do-nothing Monarchy. They just love to have a queen. My question is, do we? Do you feel better supporting a first lady that admits to Target or one that likes her diamonds? Not political just asking on the fashion/style front?

What would you do? Try to appeal to the masses or try to appear like a society doyenne?

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