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This week I’m back on the Double D Train! Bargains or Bust!! Seriously, there is no better high for me then finding a good bargain! At the first sign of spring I feel the need to throw out all my winter clothes so I never have to see them again. I don’t actually go thru with this, but I want to. I’m so sick of looking at those turtle necks that I lived in all season, and the coats….. YUCK!! Spring makes me want to revamp everything. I guess that whole “spring cleaning” thing is actually a real affliction. I love re-organizing my closets, getting rid of make-up I don’t use, and buying new spring clothes and summer shoes!

I also got pretty sick of looking at my French manicure. I have permanent French. Always. I never get anything different. My nails are too long to wear a dark color for fear of looking “Elvira-ish” . So I headed to Duane Reade for inspiration. When I got to the nail polish aisle I notices a new product from OPI. OPI and Essie are my favorite nail polish brands, so I was willing to give this new product a shot! It is Nic’s Sticks by OPI and they are nail polish pens! You just click the color into the brush and paint! The color dried in one minute. No really, it really really does! I used “Feeling Girly” over my French manicure and it looked just like Essie’s Ballet Slippers, but dries faster! At first it looked like it was going to be streaky, but then it dried evenly and perfect! There are 24 colors. I’m just not too sure about the darker colors; the brush didn’t seem to be built for preciseness. Maybe someone can try it out and let us know what you think.

But wait! This miracle product gets even better! OPI is a totally green company! Their polishes don’t contain any formaldehyde, DBP, or Toluene. Their packaging is recyclable and they don’t test on animals!

So grab a pen, click away, and toss it right in your purse for emergency touch ups without the threat of a leak ruining your new spring bag!

Any other Nic Stick fans? Found at your local drugstore

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