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AnastasiaBrowPenMissRo here! I have been plucking my eyebrows for years! I first started plucking when I was modeling (many moons ago). It’s what the makeup artists suggested and when I took a good look at my brows in pictures, they looked like thick lines of hair. They had no shape and just really bushy. What began with just a few hairs, turned into a full reshaping by the time I was 18. Ever since then, I have become pluck/eyebrow obsessed. I don’t go a day without taking a good look in the mirror and finding a few hairs to pull.

One of the first eyebrow products I started using was a red eyebrow pencil by Cover Girl. Then I started using a powder with a brush from MAC. Then I moved onto Stila’s Brow Sets in Dark. Then Anastasia popped up on the scene and I have been loyal ever since. I first started using the Perfect Brow pencil, but I went back to using powder with a brush and bought the Brow Powder Duo.

Well Ladies, the newest brow product from Anastasia called Brow Pen – Long Wearing Brow Tint I must say is a pretty cool product. It’s like a lip stain for the brows. It’s like painting on your brows, rather than just applying. You can use it to fully fill in your brows or just fill in some of the sparse areas.

It currently comes in two shades – Universal Light and Universal Deep. Universal Light is for anyone with blonde to medium brown hair. Universal Deep is for us ladies who have dark brown to black hair. I have dark brown hair, so I tried the Universal Deep shade. It went on pretty easy for me, but I have been doing my brows for a long time. The color was very rich and glided on quite smoothly. I think the best thing about it is it didn’t pull your brow area. When you put on pencils, because it’s a wax consistency it tends to pull. With powders you can either put on too much or too little and it takes a bit of time to get the right look. With this pen I decided to fill in some areas rather then filling in my full brow and I really liked the look.

So, depending upon the day or the event I will probably go between using the powder and the pen. But everyday without fail, with or without brow makeup, I always use my Anastasia Brow Gel! You can purchase the Brow Pen from Anastasia’s site, Nordstrom, or Sephora.

Have you become pluck obsessed? What brow makeup do you use?

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