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Meg here! There is going to be a bunch of info on since I have managed to finagle my way back stage for all of the hottest shows. I’m talking to all the makeup and hair guru’s and getting your tips for what we’ll be seeing this year! Woot, woot. The bad news? I’m a bit under the weather. I spent the red eye with period cramps and a closed up throat and sinuses that I thought would explode. Awesome. I landed and went straight to bed. I slept and popped Zicam and Tylenal cold and midal. Amazing! I woke up this morning and said “enough is enough!” I feel fine! Mind over matter. Today I’ve been pounding the pavement in heels and I think you’ll like what I’ve been uncovering.

Before I left though, and before my health went from kind of bad to full blown “someone please shoot me.” I made this little video of what cosmetics I bring with me when I’m on the run and hopping from spot to spot, only able to refresh in a taxi cab. I say this bag goes in my purse. That’s not entirely true. It goes in my laptop bag that I carry everywhere, so it is like a purse. If you’re me, you have to have both bags with you at all times. You never know when I’ll be in the middle of some just breaking beauty news!

Also, Modella beauty cosmetic travel cases are a godsend. They’re durable, convenient and hello! Affordable. You can pick them up at Walmart. Just because the price is low doesn’t mean the quality isn’t tops. I love mine and so does Jennifer Gardner, Emma Roberts and Christina Hendricks. Do you have one? Want one? Modella will send one to the person with the best makeup travel tips!

I hope you like my little clip. I’m sorry I keep swallowing and looking a little ill. It was on it’s way! Keep checking back and please let me know what you want me to uncover here for you in the big apple!!

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