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Desertdoll brings you dream items on Fabulous Fridays…

I just got back from a weekend in Vegas. So please forgive me because I can still barely form sentences, let alone write. I’m tired and I think I may still be drunk. God, I love that town. Anywhere that I can walk around a giant Sephora with a cocktail is all right with me.

I’ve had 2 people tell me this week “I don’t really care for Vegas”. I was shocked; it’s like saying “you know puppies really aren’t that cute” or “I don’t see what all the fuss about cake is”. Take a look at my Saturday: wake up in our suite at the Flamingo (the new Go rooms are gorgeous, totally chic and very affordable) hang out at the pool where a DJ was spinning 80’s new wave and old school rap, go shopping at fore mentioned Sephora (3 best buys: Stila illuminating moisturizer, Vincent Longo gel lipstain in Cupid’s Breath, Laura Mercier eye powder in Smoldering Bronze), get dinner at a famous New York restaurant that has a Vegas location (Todd English’s Olives) score VIP tickets to Light at the Bellagio. How could you not care for a town that can provide a day like that? I giggled all day with happiness.

So needless to say, I’ve been excited for this trip for weeks. Pinching pennies so that I could have lots of spending cash (Hubby says “Hot Dogs for dinner AGAIN?”), lots of planning, numerous lists. When I sat down to make my packing list, the first item I put on it was NARS Body Glow. It’s my “want to look fabulous and know it” necessity. It moisturizes, makes you smell like a tropical flower and gives you the most gorgeous shimmery glow. It, much like Vegas, is just plain perfect.

But don’t believe me, here’s what the experts say:

“A unique blend of Monoï de Tahiti oil combined with a rich chocolate shimmer for glowing, healthy and naturally fragrant skin. Native to the South Pacific, Monoï de Tahiti oil is composed of pure coconut extract macerated with the bud of the tiare flower. This ultimate multi-purpose sheer beauty oil soothes and moisturizes the skin yet is lightweight and absorbed immediately on the skin.”

And talk about a deal! Sephora is offering an online only, limited edition set of Body Glow and Body Glow II (which is just the pure Monoï de Tahiti oil) for $98. Sorry to move in on your territory KateRock, but this score is too good not to shout about.

Ladies, do you love Nars? Let us know which product is cake, a puppy and a trip to Vegas all rolled in one!

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