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Good Evening Ladies! It’s Body Beautiful time again with
Jeanasina!… I’m here to talk to you about “Nail “Rescue” by Bisou cosmetics! I received a bottle of this product from Meg and can give you some information on this product but my personalized experimentation and fact finding mission about Nail Rescue will have to be in the form of a follow-up in about 6 weeks or so. According to the package instructions, by then my nails should be magnificent and as strong as a bear’s claws – able to pierce the body of a salmon with a single swipe! I can’t wait to try doing that at one of those ‘pick your own fish’ restaurants with the giant tank at the front of the restaurant! Strong nails will be my friend!

What I learned from the packaging and website is that according to their statements this particular product has a remarkable and unique formula that dramatically transforms weak, dull, and brittle nails by stimulating healthy/beautiful nail growth. It hardens and rebuilds your nails while restoring their youthful color, luster, and appearance. Bring it on Bisou!

In addition to restoring and protecting your nails, Nail Rescue also works as three products in one. It can be used as a base coat, top coat, or clear enamel polish. When used as a base coat for toe nails, Nail Rescue prevents the dryness that may be caused by the use of regular nail polish. I’m going to find out!

To repair, continually protect, and beautify your nails, be sure and make Nail Rescue a regular part of your nail care regimen. We know you will be truly amazed when you experience how well this product works. I cannot wait! I have applied it according to package directions twice a week since I received it and will continue for the 8 weeks suggested. Then it only needs to be applied once a week once my nails have reached maximum strength potential!

When these new and improved healthy nails I’ll be able be able to pick giant centipedes off of my bedroom wall in the morning when I wake up!! My current squishy nails don’t cut it for that job!

On the website I found out that …..40% OF PROCEEDS OF ENTIRE LINE TO BENEFIT THE SHAKEN BABY ALLIANCE FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS! The cost of this product is $13.00. Good cause too!
So the plan is in 6 or so weeks the clickedty clackedy sound of my fortified fingernails nailing these computer keys should be quite prevalent! Stay tuned to this station for the final countdown of my experience of Nail Rescue.

Their website is:BISOU!
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