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Sometimes being a doubting Thomasina really comes back to bite you in the a$$. You think you’re being so cool for so long. Then you try whatever it is that your friends/colleagues/coworkers/everyone else in America has been raving over for weeks or months or whatever. That was me with Rainbow flip-flops. Every college student in the U.S. with half a brain wears them. I mean they seem sort of ugly at first. This strange brown colored leather flip-flop that some people would just assume wear them with a tuxedo as they would with a t-shirt and shorts. (For me maybe part of it is that I don’t like to have the same thing that everyone else does.) So last year before school started I just sucked it up and bought some. Okay, my mom bought them for me. I was hooked. They’re so comfortable. Honestly, how many kinds of leather sandals can you get wet and they bounce back to good-as-new with 100% resiliency. They match everything -brown, black, cocktail dresses, khaki shorts, whatever. I love them. They’re indestructible.

I also used to doubt the ‘creams.’ How could a cream eye-shadow or a cream blush not slide right off your face. Plus they never used to come in great colors like your powdered products did. Let me tell you, I’ve come full circle. I am a cream product lover! I don’t know if its because they’ve just been improved upon that much or I’m just better educated on which ones to choose. I love cream shadows, cream blushes. Whatever.

Benefit Love Your Look Cream Shadows. These babies are amazing. They really are crease-proof. And they come in such a wide range of colors. I wear R.S.V.P. or Flatter me (both neutral beiges) on my 5-minute face days. I also am in LOVE with Stiletto (aubergine) and Busy Signal (venetian brown) for a little bit of drama. They also make Love Your Look Cream blushes but to be honest, I haven’t tried them so y’all need to go and do and let me know!

Vincent Longo has recently ventured into the cream shadow world with his Eye Shimmer Souffles. They go on pretty sheer with a light touch, but I have a feeling if you played with them and layered enough it would be to die for. Comes in some HOTT colors too: Babylon (royal blue), Oasis (forest green), Copperleif (bronze), Argento (silver). Mr. Longo’s Pearlescent Gel Stains could also fall into the cream category – you definitely get the cream look as opposed to a true gel stain. I love Bellini Love (shimmering pearl pink). It gives the greatest highlight to cheek bones and a barely-there blush which is a must this Fall/Winter season.

Laura Mercier has these Metallic Cream Color> shadows that come in little tubes. I haven’t played with them very much, the colors are pretty muted but I really have yet to be disappointed with any LM products that I’ve tried. They’re supposed to be good eye shadow bases. She also has eye basics which are little concealer-like tubes that are actually supposed to be eye color if you REALLY don’t want to look like you have makeup on.

Last but not least, NARS. I LOOOOVE my Nars Cream Shadows – and my Nars Cream blushes. They definitely come in the most fantastical array of Colors. My favorite blushes are Geuele de Nuit -this gorgeous copper-rust-pink with a bit of gold highlight to it. I love GoldMember as a highlighter and also Cactus flower for a dewy punch of color. Savage (gilded bronze) and Swing (deep purple) can make one fabulous smoky eye. I mean…you really just can’t beat it. They’re also great to layer with powdered shadows.

Tips? Recommendations? Questions?

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