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Meg here and let’s think of this quote “You can judge the morality of a nation by the way society treats it’s animals”-Mahatma Gandhi

Instead of being our best friends protector’s we fail them constantly. My heart is broken as I type this. I wish I were the type that could not be effected. I’m not. I’m tough on the outside but a gdamn softie inside and yes, I shouldn’t type this, but if you were to message me that you were “in trouble” I will definitely help you. 

I don’t understand how people are cruel to animals. I like animals better than people. They love us. Their commodity is love. That’s it. They don’t care “who you know” or “what you do.” They just want to love you. The only ulterior motive is to get a tummy scratch.

L.A. is absolutely in dire straits with the overcrowding of pounds and of morons that insist on buying dogs. 50% of the animals in the pounds are pure breed designer dogs that have been “surrendered.” by their owners. Guess what? Due to L.A.’s budget some have 5 days to find a home or else they’re “euthanized.” I have to imagine many of the owners think that “euthanize” means vacation and not murder because why would these people do this? They did it because they’re fucking awful (sorry Gram.)

I went down to San Pedro Harbor shelter today. It is the same place I rescued Chopper from back in November, I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous, adorable pupies were there. I didn’t want a gorgeous puppy. I wanted an old, sick and extremely unattractive dog. I wanted the dog that life spat out. I wanted the dog that everyone said “No Chance” to. I wanted to show that dog that there still is humanity in this world and EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE.

Living in L.A. is a funny thing, sometimes you get so sick of everyone placing value on the outer-you have to remind yourself that the “outer” is just that. It’s nothing. Rescuing the “under dog” speaks more to my soul than the pretty. 

So I rescued “Banner.” He’s old and the shelter wrapped him in a blanket so I wouldn’t see how bad off he was. The shelter also told me “no returns.” Like I would return him to death? Once I pulled back the blanket I saw a terrified creature, one life gave up on. Banner was covered in sores and a huge tumor and still looked at me with hope. HOPE!

And I’m going to fight for Banner because he represents so much, he’s like the Ellis Island of dogs. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” At the end of the day, don’t we all want someone in our corner that will stand up for us?

Banner has his tumor removal surgery tomorrow morning. If you have $5 it will help. If everyone that read this site gave $5 we could help a lot of Banner’s It costs $1,200 to make Banner whole and THANK YOU AMANDA FOUNDATION for not turning your back on him!

I’m going to get Banner healthy and whole and great! Guess what? It’s going to do more for me to help him. Because “I get it.” Our sole purpose here is to help other’s reach their purpose. Whether it comes in an abused 3 pound dog or a grown adult person, helping others is the only reason we are on this crazy journey called life. I fucking mean that (sorry Gram.)

Back to Makeup on Friday. Banner and I have a busy day ahead.

How much do you love your pets?

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