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Meg here, fresh off of a laundry bender! This past weekend the X asked me to please come get the rest of my wardrobe out of the garage. It seems he had the crazy idea of putting a car in there. Fair enough, I went off and collected my clothes.

When one moves from a house with many closets to an apartment with one bedroom closet, there are going to be choices tougher then Sophie’s.

I knew this, I prepared. I was told to never get emotionally attached to clothes. I’ve also heard “If you haven’t worn it in a year-get rid of it!” My preparation started with my tools. I had purchased a bunch of those space saving Huggable Hangars and I do find them quite good. However, it would take more then a huggable hangar to allow me to keep everything. Yes, I did do a goodwill drop off so all you green chi-er’s can relax.

I did keep the jeans and practical items (well, as many as I could) but what I really kept is so ridiculous all I can really do is laugh at myself about it. I kept 7 floor length formal gowns. They take up almost 40% of my closet and some have not been worn for a good 4 years. Most of them were expensive and worn once. Why? This is LA, I am not a diplomat’s wife~how the hell do you get practical wear out of floor`lenght evening gowns?

I just couldn’t ditch them though. In my head I was thinking “If I get invited to awards season this year, I’m not going because I don’t have an outfit!”

Awards season can be replaced with invitation to White House, Exclusive Gala or Coronation. In my noggin’ they all fit the seven dress category. Nevermind I spend most of my days in jeans and a t-shirt. But heels, Always heels!!

If I got rid of them and was practical I would feel like I had given up a bit. I know that’s absolutely ridiculous but it’s almost comforting to know they’re in there.

I got rid of like 10 pairs of sweatpants. I don’t need clothes that say “exercise”. That’s a real fantasy!

Anyone else buying stuff for the life they’d like to have? Instead of, um, you know the one you actually have? Down with practicality! Where’s the fun in that!

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