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Welcome to Fabulous Fridays! When I (CRoman) When I was growing up in Los Angeles, I had a friend Jeff Murad, who told me his father was developing a new “edible sunblock”. I pictured a brilliant scientist working in a lab … come to find out it was an accurate vision. Jeff’s dad is Dr. Murad of Murad skincare and today – he does have edible skin block, a lab, and a day spa here in Los Angeles and he most recently, has sent me his new resurfacing peel.

I have been trying the resurfacing peel for the last month and it really is amazing.

Dr. Murad’s premise is to design treatments in a jar for at-home alternative to a professional services. The peel comes in 12 small bottles and you use one every three days over the course of a month. It is basically a peel with a microdermabrasion session. This breaks away layers of dead skin, which also your face to not look so heavy, show lines and allows inflammations to come to the surface and heal.

A lot of my grievances about acids are justified and I am told that Murad uses a super fruit complex to enhance the penetration of the peel. Fruit acid is very acceptable in my book. I couldn’t feel the peel when I put it on and my face was not all red either. At the same time, it was obvious layers and layers of skin had been removed. The product seemed to have a way of knowing what was dead vs what was not.

This is a great way to also have that better texture for prettier make-up application and allows your bronzing/shimmery products to seep into your skin and look dewy and natural so you dont get that caked-up oily look. Think luminous and smooth. I have photos on my facebook!

cost: $165 at Sephora
Buy It Here!

Today, Jeff has co-created Murad Men! Any of you ladies have men in your lives, all our guy friends use it and love it! Jeff is single ladies – successful and clear skin! (photos on the Murad website) Check It Out Here!

Also – here is a link to the Murad Spa – very few people realize it exists! This is a true clinic – like in Switzerland! Reasonably priced and top notch quality. Murad offices are located in the same building. See it Here!

Who else is in love with Murad!?

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