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meyersBabyLove here!  I realize that this next product isn’t as glamorous as our usual items, but cleaning is an unfortunate part of life!   Since we review so many bath items for our little ones, it seems only appropriate to post on a product that we use to clean our bathtubs.  I’m sure you’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Shower Cleaner on a shelf in your local grocery store.  If you aren’t aware of their brand, you should make sure to check them out because they have a whole slew of safe household cleaning products.  Made from mostly plant derived ingredients, essential oils, and safe synthetics,  Mrs. Meyer’s products contain no solvents, petroleum distillates, bleach, phosphates, or ingredients that could cause harsh fumes.  Their website is incredibly honest, and interesting, and I found myself intrigued!

How many times have you cleaned your bathtub, filled it with water, and right when you’re about to stick your kids in, freak out because you feel like maybe you didn’t rinse it well enough?  It’s happened to me about a million times, and it’s nice to finally have a little piece of mind.  I hate the idea of getting a little cleaner on my hands, so I certainly wouldn’t like the idea of bathing my children in chemically enhanced bath water.  We take great pride in bathing our children with products that are safe, so why wouldn’t we take pride in what we clean are homes with?

This cleaner smells great, and comes in different scents like lemon verbena, lavender, and basil.  It gently cleans my shower and tub without leaving my bathroom stinking of a harsh odor.  I use this cleaner daily to clean my sink and all areas of my bathroom that my kids come into direct contact with.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having an extremely sanitized bathroom, so there are times during the month that I clean the bathroom with Lysol, BUT my children spend so much time in there, that I have to take genuine interest in what is used.

Since my review is mostly about kid’s products, I should also mention that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day carries a line of bath products, sunscreens, and laundry products designed specifically for little ones.  All of the products are dermatologist tested and approved.

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I’m wondering what natural ways do you clean your house? Are you nervous using chemical based brands around your little ones?

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