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MRSMEYERSBaby Love here!  I love finding a good deal.  Sometimes I start to wonder if I’m cheap, and then I look at my bank account and realize that there’s no way I can be.  I’m not a bargain shopper, but I really like finding good, effective products that save me some dough.  For example, I still have to use Dreft for William’s laundry.  It’s $15 a bottle, and honestly, I don’t have the time to separate all of our laundry so I can wash his clothes separately from everyone else’s.  So I guess it’s fair to say that we all use Dreft.  Anyway, I was at the supermarket last year, and I found the store brand version of it for $4.99.  I tell all of my friends that are new moms, and I guess it proves that I really don’t have a great deal of excitement in my life since I get so passionate about saving $10 on laundry detergent.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are another one of those lines that gets me really wound up.  Natural and organic products are usually twice as much money as things that are not.  I like to buy organic meat and poultry, and I expect to pay $9.00 as opposed to $4.75 for three chicken breasts.  I also like to buy organic and natural products to use on my children, or on cleaning products that clean things like the tub and dishwasher.  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day allows me the peace of mind that comes along with buying natural products, while also saving me from going broke.  All of their products are comparatively priced to the others that are stock full of harsh chemicals, and fragrances.   Made from mostly plant derived ingredients, essential oils, and safe synthetics, Mrs. Meyer’s products contain no solvents, petroleum distillates, bleach, phosphates, or ingredients that could cause harsh fumes.

Not only does Mrs. Meyer’s carry a full line of household cleaning products, candles, and laundry detergent in five different scents, but they also have an awesome line of baby care products.  We received a round up of products, and I quickly became an addict to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Freshening Spray in baby blossom.  Everyone knows that poop stinks, literally.  Sometimes I’m on the way out, and I change a diaper.  By the time I get back home, it’s been sitting in there for 6 hours, and as you can imagine, when I open the trash can, it smells gross.  This freshening spray is killer!  It zaps those nasty odors right out of the air, and it’s totally safe.  I have to admit; sometimes I go a little overboard.  It’s used pretty much in every room in my house, and in my car.  I usually get the worst headaches from sprays with strong fragrances; they can actually turn my stomach enough to the point where I get physically ill from it.  Therefore, I’m pretty hesitant to use stuff like this, but I did, and I’m sticking with Mrs. Meyer’s.   Since I have the absolute hardest time trying to put scents into words, I’m going to take their description of baby blossom right from the source.  According to Mrs. Meyer’s, baby blossom smells like, “The blossoms of spring wildflowers, butterfly violets and honeysuckle with a teeny bit of apple, lemon, and mint.”  I couldn’t have said it better.

For all of you dry, chapped hand suffers, I also highly recommend picking up Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion.  It lasted all of about 5 days in my house.  I put it right over my sink, and every time I washed, I also gave my hands a little love by pumping a few squirts.  The lotion moisturized without leaving my hands a greasy mess.

So if spring cleaning is coming to your house a few months early, I suggest going to the store and picking up Mrs. Meyer’s.  I can’t say that it will make cleaning fun, but it might make a little more enjoyable. Any other Mrs. Meyer’s fans? 

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