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morcandlesIt’s harvest time here at the ranch in Goddess Granny-ville: my husband has a “hobby that has become a business” vineyard and believe it or not, the drought has resulted in a bumper crop of grapes for him this year! Mayhem, hard work, laughter, men and music create an exciting atmosphere indeed! The star of the show are the grapes themselves: I get up early just to walk through the rows inhaling in THE most incredible, sensual, earthy and delicious scent one can imagine! When the sun begins to warm the fruit, it’s an aroma I’d pay BIG money for in a perfume! I have seen “grape” offered as an ingredient in some of the handcrafted perfumes available and many exclusive products now include grape juice, pulp, seeds…I have to avoid walking though THAT mess. That’s what’s left behind when the grapes are processed. I want to see my husband for the next couple of weeks so maybe I should step into the squishy-stuff and give my feet a treat?

MOR products, originating in Australia somehow manage to create equally LUSCIOUS scents in their fine soy-based candles. They combine an elegant marriage of traditional technique and modern apothecary. Their scents literally blossom and scent an entire room in a short time and with minimal fuss due to the cotton wicks and slow burn time! I adore scented candles, can’t manage my life without them. I love to have a different scent in each area of the house according to the mood of the room. Mind you, I live in a 100 yr. old farmhouse that’s pretty darn male-oriented on the surface but I’ve managed to carve out my own semblance of girly-girl glam in small corners here and there. The way an area smells really does set the tone and brand the room as YOU!Kiss

I prefer unusual scents, light on floral but heady and impossibly feminine…MOR offers a menu that literally makes me want to burn them all at once and die from happiness!

I buy MOR products for the packaging alone: gorgeous embossed tins, beautifully wrapped soaps, presentations and collections that rival the most exclusive brands but somehow manage to be affordable for most! For ten years the company has seamlessly blended romance inspired by travel and beautiful places into products that sing a siren song to all of us! Many A-List beauty events and goody bags include MOR products because they manage to add a touch of class everywhere they go! I am currently burning and LOVING the MOR “Essential Candle” from the affordable line in “Neroli Clementine” and it rivals sun-drenched grapes in it’s sensuality and delicious scent of sparkling clementine, sultry neroli and a touch of candied orange. I’d eat it if I could!

MOR also has a more exclusive candle line at a higher price point with a longer burn time and one of THE most gorgeous presentation boxes you can imagine named the Emporium “Black and White Collection” so well suited for a gift or indulgence but for enjoying everyday for up to 35 hours,you simply cannot beat the “Essential Candle” in the beautiful tin container and you can buy it HERE!

The website is such a creation of eye-candy and relates back to the MOR philosophy of elegant and luxury-inspired products created for the exotic and sensual “world traveler” in us all! Hey…I’m only going to the back 40 field to be transported so imagine where the scents of exotic places and hothouses full of the world’s most indulgent flowers might take you?Kiss

I cannot “be” without infused candles and the resulting scents that inspire my life: do you also enjoy scent in your surroundings and go crazy over incredible candles that LAST and generate SUCH gorgeous smelling air?

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