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Well, the rest of the crew at Megs Makeup had to gently remind me that this is a “MAKEUP” site. As fun as it is to talk about vagina’s, sex, yeast infections and yes, going #2, I was getting off course.

To let me delve into bodily functions or any women’s issues I am now being given “Monday’s with Meg.”

This way we can keep the site 10% women talk and 90% reviews. So please let us know what your thoughts are! I can talk about whatever I want on Mondays-watch out!

When Meg’s was started I didn’t know if there was an audience, nevermind a full blown community. After getting to know a lot of you amazing women, real friendships have taken place. The picture posted is of tashagogo and greenie.

These two women never knew each other before Megsmakeup and now in the words of Greenie..“I met a wonderful, sweet and beautiful friend that I know will be in my life forever. I started posting back and forth with a woman on the site about makeup, apple cider vinegar, beauty tips-The important stuff! She asked me where I lived, I told her, “near Boston” and that was it. She lived in NJ! A month later she emailed me-she found out that the town I lived in happened to be the town that she was travelling to! We have so much in common!

Last night I met her, you all know her as tashagogo, and now I know her as my beautiful friend! I feel blessed to have met her. I want to thank Megs for making us feel so comfortable here that we can find new friendships like this!

awesome is that? I spoke with Em and Tasha on their night out and they were giddy (drunk?) having a blast! I love that the online personalities get along even better offline!

The reason we ask your town and zip code is so that you can meet your online friends out in real life! I know that between jobs, husbands and dogs (or kids). It is not as easy to meet new friends. Maybe you want to meet a megs member out for a drink (or even more fun-a trip to Sephora)!

Registries are not for showers, weddings, baby’s-they are for you! Damn it!

This is the last thing I want to talk about for Monday. Gift Registries-use them! I just came back from a single girls housewarming party. She is 33 and not married and just bought her first house! After much pressure she registered at Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond for gifts! Golf clap!

I wish all you single ladies would embrace this concept! If you’re like me, you have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in bridal shower gifts, travelling to weddings and supplying presents. If you are like me, 3 years later you are hit up for HUNDREDS of dollars in travel, baby showers and gifts, welcome baby gifts, etc.

Here is the new code I am standing behind. Thirty and not married? Register for your birthday. God knows you have spent enough on the wedding circuit.

Bought a new house and not married? Yup, you should register for this big event as well!

Thirty-Five? No kids? Been sending presents to every new bundle of joy? Register!

I have asked friends to shell out for my events and am more then happy to return the favor. What’s fair is fair! Want Baccarat in your home? REGISTER!

Thank-you for letting me vent on Mondays! Let me know what you’d like to talk about! Also, let me know what you think about meeting online friends and registries!


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