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Welcome back to our South Coast Plaza Week at! This is Solero, adding one more piece to the puzzle.

Before the South Coast Plaza experience (a.k.a. the best day of our lives), Molton Brown for me was a synonym for class, quality and unforgettable smells. After meeting Cody Kay in the SCP Molton Brown store and listening to him talk about their products, Molton Brown in my mind is a synonym for class, quality, unforgettable smells and unforgettable customer service. It was one of the few times in my life that the things I was being told about a product weren’t the things that were written on its packaging. Cody wasn’t just confirming a smell, he was telling us what ingredient gave the product that smell, where Molton Brown finds that ingredient and why it was chosen to be in that product. His savvyness was jawdropping. Ok, fine-he’s cute too.

The Molton Brown tour started with us trying their new star product, the Warming Eucalyptus and Ginger Body Scrub that contains Australian eucalyptus leaf oil, ginger root, Atlantic sea salts and is “a power-packed scrub that heats up as you use it and exfoliates to perfection” according to the Daily Mail. We confirm. Your skin starts getting warm from the moment you start rubbing it on you and the smell of eucalyptus is so penetrating you can actually feel your pores being purified.

Cody kept answering any question we had with a smile on his face, from “What exactly do sea salts do?” to “Are you really such a nice person?”

Of course he is and so is Molton Brown that let us pick any two products we liked to take back home. Our choice! Any two products in the store! Oh my!

Being a candle maniac I couldn’t resist the Black Pepper Air Candela. Since it is one of Molton Brown’s best selling candles I felt very unimaginative and cliché for picking that up instead of something new and revolutionary. But every time I enter my room and smell the Madagascan black pepper combined with galbanum, petitgrain, vetiver and Egyptian basil I know I have made a good choice. It lasts for at least 80 hours (like all Molton Brown candles do) and it makes the whole house smell like a freshly showered male. You know, that spicy, musky, aftershavy perfect smell.

As if I wasn’t lucky enough to be living with that candle from that day, my gift bag also included:

Intoxicating Davana Blossom Eau De Parfum
Although it’s a floral and not the kind of scent I like for me, the applicator of the sample that is like a ball pen got me really impressed! So convenient.

Reawakening Mer Rouge Hair Hydramasque
“A hair mask enriched with amino acids, vitamins and dulse sea extracts to leave your hair soft, vibrant and manageable.” And every word is true. Plus, it left my hair smelling beautifully for a whole day.

Purifying Plum Kadu Hairwash
“A shampoo that contains moringa seed extract to help prevent environmental / smoke pollutants adhering to the hair and the free radical scavenger, kakadu plum, to help protect the hair from damage and malodour.” I’m not sure if it helped my hair fight the pollution, but it was one of those shampoos that leave your hair squeaky clean and shiny.

Once again, Megan was right to insist on taking Cody back home from the first moment we entered the Molton Brown store.

I just wish that in addition to Cody, we could have taken the whole store back with us too.To set the record straight, we did not take Cody back home. We did not take the whole store. But we took enough to make us want more and to be reminded what a great company Molton Brown is.

Any other ladies love Molton Brown?

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