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mirrorHear ye, hear ye, Jeanasina’s Body Beautiful Wednesday is in the house and this old gal needs some serious help in suggestions from YOU on what you think is the BEST makeup mirror ever! As our story begins, we are renovating our bathroom and one thing I have insisted upon is that THIS TIME, I want a wall mounted, magnification makeup mirror, with lighting built within it, on an arm that I can pull out, that is my height, that can actually make me SEE what in the Sam Hill is going on with my face!

For years I had a magnifying mirror that sat on my desk (pretend dresser) here at the house. Every morning I’d crank that thing up (turn on the light) and listen as it booted up it’s semi-weak lighting system which surrounded the mirror on both sides. The bulbs were not replaceable so I prayed they would never go out. Often though one side wouldn’t light up and I’d tap the thing softly and plead with it to please come on and eventually it would. Sigh. I’d then turn the mirror to the most magnified side and proceed to slap on my paint! Other days I would use it for wayward eyebrow removal. This mirror magnification monstrosity was rather large and exceedingly homely so I would unplug it every day and hide it behind something so nobody would see it as it cast a cheap-ass glow on my cheerfully decorated room. It was PURPLE AND WHITE PLASTIC. It had the effect of seeing spaghetti splashes on the wall of a white room for me – it just stood out as a piece of crap. But I depended on it daily and would be lost without it.

After I got laid off from my job last year, I kind of stopped wearing makeup and kind of stopped grooming by brows and one day I picked up the plastic older than the hills lighted makeup tower that had spent so many years with me and I put it in a shopping bag and donated it to the thrift store where some other lucky contestant could purchase it and give it a new lease on life. In the meantime, I have one eight inch round, 5X magnification mirror that has three suction cups on the back. Each day IF I need to see myself, I get the suction cups moist and then I stick it on my full length mirror – eye level and then I RACE to either put on my makeup or pluck my brows BEFORE the thing falls off  and hits the floor. I’m not totally a fan of this technique and more times than not I think about sailing this magnification mirror across the room accompanied with an expletive! But that probably would end up hurting a casual passer by such as my Harley man so I use restraint. I can’t really see what I’m doing anyway because there is no light. One day I was in Ulta and walked by one of their mega-magnification mirrors on display and I busted out these very words… “OMG!” I could see SO much that was wrong on my face, things that my suction cup mirror was not telling me! I wanted to go home and kick the crap out of that worthless false-sense-of-security-close-up-mirror I own! It must have been totally laughing behind my back every time I completed a botched makeup application and then left the house. Appalling.

So here’s where you come in wonderful ladies of Megworld! I KNOW that lots of you have favorite makeup mirrors and maybe some of you have lighted makeup mirrors and even others of you have makeup mirrors attached to your walls! I want to hear about your make-up mirrors and what BRAND, model # you have and why you love it or maybe hate it! One big question I have is WHAT IS THE MAGNIFICATION level you feel is BEST? I notice a lot of brands typically have 5X magnification, sometimes 7X and some even 10X!!! One person said having it be 10X magnified makes it so you can only see one giant zit at a time but not most of your face if the magnification is that large!

I want to hear from all of you and I hope to  use your information to help me find the makeup mirror of my dreams! I’m hoping to find what I want for under $100.00. I have gone to Amazon and read reviews up the kazoo and other websites too and the reviews are mixed on every one I narrow my choice down to.

As you can see from my photo, I need a mirror that will show me where my eyebrows are so I can tend to them between brow waxes and apply brow pencil in the right spot. I need to be able to see where my eyelashes begin for proper eyeliner application (my nemesis). I need to be able to see my actual lip lines for lipstick application! I also need good lighting so I can see if I really blended in my liquid makeup! And, I need to be level with the mirror so my neck and back don’t get all crinkled up like the hunchback of Notre Dame from unnatural positions! Even though magnification mirrors often provide waayyyy too much information, I REALLY NEED A GOOD ONE! So ladies, talk to me and please share with me! I am a huge fan of Dave Matthews and he sings this wonderful song called “You & Me”. As the song says so perfectly… “You and me together – we can do anything” and I know with YOUR input, together we WILL learn just what makes an incredible makeup mirror and then I’m going shopping!

I can’t wait to read your feedback! 
Even if your favorite mirror doesn’t meet my criteria it just might be the perfect make-up mirror for another of the wonderful Meg readers so spill about your favorite mirrors and we will devour every single word!

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