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Thank-you very much Miss Kristin! There are a lot of habits I have that drive me insane about myself. One of the habits is my sleep patterns. That would be the lack of having the ability to “just fall asleep”. I can’t do it. It’s awful. I am up more often then not at 3am watching some awful rerun or learning how to get rich watching investment infommercials. I have come so close to ordering an Alpaca for my backyard it’s frightening

A couple of years ago, my doctor prescribed me Ambien. I know some people love it. I didn’t. I always felt a bit sluggish the morning after and I didn’t want to add pill-popper to my list of vices.

I’m really glad I never took to the Ambien because I recently read an article that Ambien is under attack for causing peolpe to crash their cars from intense drowisness from popping it-all in the pursuit of catching a few zzz’s. When my east coast Greenie see’s my phone number come up on her caller i.d. at 7am she doesn’t even panic. She knows it’s 4am my time and I’m just calling to chat because another night of sleep has eluded me. Greenie has 2 children under 2 years old so she’s up way early! I’m not waking her, I have limits! I don’t know who I’m going to call once they start sleeping to a normal time though.

Midnite doesn’t drug you up! Here’s what makes it so unique “New MidNite is So Different, It’s Patented! It contains a unique complex of natural herbs as well as an ingredient identical to what is made by your body during your natural sleep cycle. Numerous clinical and safety tests have proven the safety, non-toxicity, and effectiveness of the ingredients in MidNite.MidNite works differently from prescription, non-prescription and other herbal sleep products.Unlike products that work by “knocking you out”, MidNite. Does not cause sedation. It actually worksto relax you so your natural sleep cycle can take over.Because MidNite is non-sedating, you can take it anytime up to three hours before you wish to awaken – even in the middle of the night. It will not cause morning grogginess, affect your mood, alterness, or ability to function normally with a clear head if taken as directed.

Before I use to think “natural, schmatural-I need something to work!” I love Midnite. It works-it’s awesome! I leave one of the 2 packs on my nightstand. When I wake up and can’t fall to sleep I just chew 2 of these babies and drift off to dreamland. They don’t even require water so you don’t have to even hop out of bed. They’re pretty yummy as far as chewables go. They remind me of the Flinstone vitamins I use to love as a kid.

I give MidNite a ringing endorsement. I haven’t called Greenie beore 10am my time in quite a while! I’m also completely alert and awake once I’m up (I mean as much as one can be before a cup of coffee)!

Ladies, let me know what you thought about MidNite and any hints you may have to get a great nights rest!

MIDNITE-Buy it Here!

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