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Meg here! I feel like I know so many of you personally, through all of your comments and insights and flipping hysterical stories. In reality, I don’t know you beyond your clever avatars and personal page profiles. I would love it if I could have a glass of wine with you, we could talk and then I’d show you my new gloss. We could then have another glass of wine and you could show me your eyeshadow. That would be fun! We could have two more glasses of wine and talk about that son of a bitch that’s driving you crazy and what that manipulative whore did behind your back! Kiss

Aaah, wouldn’t it be nice?

Well, we are doing something spectacular! We are going to be giving it a test run trip first. We’re going to see how it goes on our fact finding mission and then next year-We are inviting all of you! For the first time myself, Goddess Granny, Sweetassgal, Stylemama and Jeanasina are going to be meeting face to face! It was more then a bummer that Gigi, Katie, Tantejoan and Sharond were unable to make this get-away but they will be there in spirit and are going to make the next one! Eleni, MissRo and our brilliant director Megken (poor megken:)are joining us and filming all of the highlights so you can be there with us too! (Without the 5 glasses of Pinot and the whore that did you wrong story-next trip-promise)Surprised

Friday we will be meeting in Los Angeles and then heading to the central coast-San Luis Obispo-to be exact. We are heading to the land of wineries! How are we going to bond without thousands of grapes nearby? We have picked Donati Family Vineyard! Not only are their wines amazing but their vineyard is fabulous! We are going to bring you total inside wine info and footage and get you all familiar with this family so when you see them next year you give them a big, sloppy, drunk hug!

We will not be driving around wine country (that’s just bad news.) We needed a place to stay. We needed it to be pink-everywhere. We needed each room to be different. We needed it to be over the top fabulous. We needed a cross between Barbie’s Dream Mansion and an acid trip.

Ta-dah!! We will be staying Friday-Monday at…THE MADONNA INN! You guys have to check this place out! It’s fab-u-lous! Check out the room grid and let me know who wants The Caveman Room or if you’d prefer The Madonna Suite. I mean come on! Have you ever seen a Steakhouse that screams as much as this one?

We will be filming and writing and working hard scouting out if this is The Place for a retreat. It’s a bit off the beaten path but um…So are we?

What are your thoughts? Has anyone been to The Central Coast and would like to offer some tips? Is this a place you’d have any interest visiting? Would you like a get-away where we all get to just be awesome together?

We are really working hard on this and want you to be a part of the next one so please pipe up and share what your ideal retreat would be! We are listening! We want to know what that son of a bitch did to you! Wink

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