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Meg here! Ahh, LA! The lights, glamour, parties and celebs! I’m watching the Golden Globes that are taking place a stones throw away from my place and I have one thought….Bring back Bjork and the swan dress back! BORING BLACK EVERYWHERE!

Drew Barrymore has blown me away the hair, the dress-looked like a movie star! JLO, brought out the Gold and if you’re going to The Golden Globes Why not!

I remember when everyone was talking about how great it was years ago when Sharon Stone wore a Gap shirt with a skirt. How refreshing! How ballsy! How real…How Ugh. Half a billion veiwers and you pull out the Gap? What? A Gap shirt? O.K. Eva Longoria and Demi just flashed on the screen, they look like movie stars. If you’re not going to impress and look the part of the Hollywood Diva then stay home! I can see a Gap shirt at my local mall.

Did anyone see Burn After Reading? I loved it! Commit treason and murder for the quest of getting plastic surgery! Finally, Hollywood creates a movie based on reality!

I have to share with all of you how I was the belle of the ball at the most exclusive Miramax Golden Globes party a few years ago. It just shows how a bit of confidence and the right dress can get you in anywhere. If you’re on the East Coast, it may seem like the awards go on at night. They’re not live. Red carpet starts about 4:30 pm out here, I wanted to go mingle with the A-list.

I put the hair in curlers and brought out a sparkly red dress so it looked like I was at the awards show. I painstakingly applied my make-up and thought I would just show up and they’d let me in. Since I had dressed the part I figured the doorman would say “What kind of lunatic shows up to an awards after party in a gown? Too far-fetched. I’ll just let her in.

I was wrong. I walked up all in my glory to the elevator in the Beverly Hilton, only to be met by a huge,intimidating man with a list that my name wasn’t on.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

I had done my hair, my make-up and had on a hot dress! I wasn’t taking No! for an answer. I had a plan. A risky one, but I was all dressed up with nowhere to go so I was going to execute it!

I walked into the Hilton kitchen where all the waitstaff was working and mustered up tears “I’m being stalked! I can’t go out there! The press! My stalker! All I’m trying to do is get to the Miramax afterparty! After that performance, I was whisked up to the party via service elevator and escorted right in, seated on a couch with Liev Schrieber, Kevin Spacey and Courtney Love. Once hours had passed and I was outside sharing a cigg with Jodi Foster I was so proud my plan had payed off! Hey, fake it ’til you make it babe! This is LA!

I could have never pulled off this master plan with a Gap top! Just say’in!

Let me have it! What did you ladies think of the globes? Who rocked it! What’s your best party crashing tale? SHARE!


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