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megMeg here! First off, I’m not going to even address the latest posts that discredit me and the site. I am going to address my “double chins.” I’ve even posted the worst double faced photo I could find. I find it so boring with releasing “double chin” photo’s as a threat. I guess I’m the only person that’s ever taken some bad pictures! Kiss If I’m going to be blackmailed please do it with something that will drive traffic to our site. If anyone has in their possession a photo of me with a syringe in my arm, naked with a donkey standing over a dead hooker (hopefully Brad Pitt is in the background) THEN PLEASE SEND IT!! I’ll even forward it to Perez Hilton and The Daily Post. would love the exposure. Until then, I’m afraid you’re all going to have to settle for the best bloated face picture I have. Sorry, no donkey!

carmenMoving on to some more dog photo’s! Meet Carmen, she hardly has any chin! Looking for an adorable adoptable who will make you feel fabulous no matter what shade of lipstick you choose? Well meet Carmen! She is fabulous 6 month old Chihuahua / Yorkie puppy–a Chorkie if you will. She takes after her Chihuahua mother a bit more than her Yorkie dad; we know both her parents (they were turned into the shelter together and her mom was pregnant with Carmen and her siblings). Carmen has the sweetest disposition, was raised with children and could think of no better life than being held 24/7.

dogI was blown away with how many doggy lovers we have on megsmakeup! I wasn’t blown away by the compassion, because I have found you all to be the most loving women in the world! After I wrote a post about the evilness of Michael Vick a while back, the comments were amazing. So starting every Monday we’ll put on the Meg’s Mutt Tab (on the top of the site) our new Meg’s Mutt Monday and you’ll all have a week to take a look at our new featured little orphan! As with all things, sometimes you don’t know what you need until you see it staring you in the face!

How do dog’s tie into beauty? if you believe in that whole “if you’re healthy then you’ll look good bit” then here’s a good reason to adopt instead of going to to an extra “hot yoga” class. Dog’s reduce stress, have shown to lift depression and give you a reason to get outside and exercise! Also, unconditional love is a pretty hard trait to find~especially on the dating scene!

My pal Betsy Rosenfeld has a really huge heart! She works her tail off Kiss
for dog rescue FAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare), and she personally raised more than $35,000 for the group’s post–Hurricane Katrina efforts.

She is the Carrie Bradshaw of the single girl’s guide to be a dog mom and if you have any questions on how to raise your new friend as a single her book is a must-read! She has recently launched lovethydog a dog lovers paradise where pooch parents can connect and share stories and photos of their dogs as well as learn to care for their amazing babies. Betsy lives in Beverly Hills with her favorite dog, Bella, whom she found running in traffic.

Ladies, in keeping with the dog theme I know the things being written about me and this site are a “bitch” to read. It’s OK, don’t waste your time responding to them. I’m not. Once the gay rumors come out then I know I’m really on to something!

We’re here to support and do good! Learn about dog rescue and the best way to take care of your new angel with Betsy’s great book!

Want to win an autographed copy of The Complete Singles Guide To Being A Dog Owner!

Just send us how your little rescue brought you love and happiness! The best story wins!

I’m sending this post early because I’m hopping on a flight to Charlotte for the best beauty event going on in the South and I’m absolutely Thrilled to meet some of you Southern Belles!! Much Love Always!~Meg

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