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Meg here! I have to be upfront, I am a nice person. I’m not tooting a horn or anything but I am Nice. Forget to ask if my table would like water (who cares) forget to ask if we want refills (mad) guess what? No matter what you’re still getting at least your 20% because waiting tables is a bitch and you deserve it.

I, for some reason get hate mail. I love it! Hate mail means you are noticing me and I struck a cord. I really don’t know how anyone could “HATE” little ole me-but whatever-not going to get me down.

I was at a very fabulous Hollywood pahtay tonight and was feeling like I just didn’t belong until some strange duck sent me an email asking “Were you born a woman?”

Hate email? Well, Dahling,with that you’re accepted into the celebrity golden circle. Once you can gloat and pretend to be upset over all of the “Negativity towards you-Don’t they know about Africa?” Over caviar and Dom you’ve made it.

I am important enough to have some crazy bat email me on my gender? I know I’m not born a male..But.. WOW! HELLO CRAZY!

Thank-you to the thoughtful writers that said I had a double-chin or was a “Dumb-ass” or the thoughtful lady that said I was “A MAN”

Nice gals do usually finish last so for every mean thing you can say about me makes me more relevant. For that I can never show enough appreciation.

For the record-I have had the same friends since 5th grade. I volunteer at animal shelters and if you called me in the middle of the night I will pick you up.

Unfortunately, even in this safe place (that I have always tried very hard to keep positive.) Negative people will try to burst our feel-good bubble and I am sorry.

I’m sure you’ve had it in your own life. Great relationship? Great job promotion? Amazing children? Gorgeous new house? Yes, the jealous haters rear their ugly heads!

Don’t ever explain what you’ve worked for. Don’t ever apologize for trying to achieve. Pity the mean spirited soul that would take time out of doing something positive with their life to try to make you feel bad about yours.

I want all of you to write down something you are proud of! Do it! It will uplift your day and allow us all to feel safe expressing a proud moment! Don’t let these doom seekers win! SHARE!

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