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Meg here! I HATE WASTING CASH! We’ve all done it. Hello? I looked at the Garnier ads and thought “Well, if it’s good enough for Carrie Bradshaw.” Then I remind myself “No Meg, It is SJP playing Carrie Bradshaw and you just bought a pile of shit.” The pile of shit being the garnier roller ball anti-puff device. Sue me, we hate it! But we really love the Carrie episode where she asks “Am I really the old woman that lives in a shoe?” She found out she spends more on shoes then, you know…A HOUSE! I mean, that’s pretty much universal with the ladies I know.

Want a great eye cream that works then check out Olay Eye Definity Eye Illuminator-It brightens! It makes you look alive and dimishes wrinkles and darkness! I love it and it is $24 GO GET IT!

The CoverGirl Outlast Stain pencils? Oh, how I wanted to love these. At $8 a pop I wanted to make love to them and not even ask for dinner. They were the most unsatisfactory sex I’ve ever had (and I’ve had it.) Liptini to the rescue! They are the natural supreme sexy lube for lips! Each of their stains lasts and lasts and is not drying. The pigment of color is just amazing! YOU REALLY NEED THIS! YOU REALLY DO! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation I know some or even a ton of you love this. I hate this item with a passion. I used it and it spread on O.K. until I tried to blend it and it seriously balled up on me like an old sweater. It was heavy and left me with major zits and I’m still not over it. I hate this. There I totally went there, I hate this stuff!
I LOVE AERO MINERALE IN NUDE! It hydrates, covers and just makes you look amazing! Seriously! Buy it! It’s $15 and I’m wearing it everyday!

I stand by all my picks! I love them! WHAT DO YOU LOVE? I read every suggestion and every tip. Get your brand on TV! I listen to the Meg Heads! What do you think works?

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