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Mature BeautyMissRo here…again! Just in case you missed me already ;). When we celebrate beauty in this country it’s always People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People or Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100. Most of the time it’s the young, 20-something celebrities that make the cut or define what’s beautiful. God forbid if we ever highlighted more mature women or men, because it seems that we just don’t celebrate mature beauty.

Well, just today in the Huffington Post’s Style section, Lesley M.M. Blume, Contributing Style Editor did a follow up article to her post two months ago titled Six of the World’s Most Beautiful Women. She got feedback from the HuffPost community and is highlighting 10 more of the world’s most beautiful older women.

Everyone from Lauren Hutton, to Catherine Deneuve, to Raquel Welch is mentioned. This is so refreshing and I hope it starts a new trend. Getting older should not be frowned upon, it should be celebrated. Some of these women have had a nip or a tuck and that’s fine. However, some haven’t and it really should not make a difference.

Who are some of the women that define mature beauty for you?

*Image source, Huffington Post

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