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Megan is quietly assured of herself, she prefers to play alone if she disagrees with group activities. She loves arts and crafts but refuses to participate in group games like “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”
she feels it is wrong to play a game where we “wrongfully accuse someone.” We think she may become a lawyer.”
My nursery school transcripts from age 4 from “Anita’s Kittie Lodge.”

Yeah, those are odd comments to have been made about you at age 4. I was/am strange-it’s really O.K. I also wouldn’t play the “donout game.” I remember it vividly, my teacher, Mrs. Palmer held donouts from a string and we were all all suppose to jump up and take a bite. There were like 10 of us that were suppose to run, take a bit and sit down. I would not play.
Mrs. Palmer: Meg! Go run up and bite!
Meg: No way, there are germs there. I’m not doing that!
Of course my parents were called and I was an outcast from nursery school but I held true to my convictions and would not bite.

Unfortunately for my parents I never “mellowed with age.”

Cut to first grade with Mrs. Forty.

I was a “good kid” I was never rude or disrespectful. Billy Brady went to the bathroom like three times in an hour. He raised his hand and asked to go again. I said ( I thought-under my breathe-AGAIN) out loud to the class.

I was sent to the “Isolation Chair” this chair was akin to to “THE CHAIR” only the worst of the worst got sent here. The “very bad kids” had to sit under a chair facing the entire room and just sit there like lab rats under observation. It was HELL, I was being sent there. I was 7 yrs. old but knew this was war.

I got sent to the “Chair” around 11am. I would not give my teacher the satisfaction of my tears. I would love this chair and look like I enjoyed being in it. I smiled and acted like this chair didn’t hurt.

At 12:pm my teacher, Mrs. Forte saw that the “Chair” was not breaking me so she upped the ante..“Arts and Crafts-for everyone-except Megan.”

I was pissed off but still sat in the chair, I sat in it for another hour. It was my time to be free.

Mrs. Forte:
Megan, get out of the chair.

Meg: No, I will not-you put me here and I am not getting out.

That teacher had to wait until 5pm until my dad could get out of work early to get me out of the “Isolation Chair.”

I was never sent there again.

I’ve actually checked with my attorney on this one and he says it is O.K. as long as everything I state is true. Everything I am stating is true.

I wanted to dance and be beautiful and elegant and fabulous. I was/am (funny how life throws you a bone.) I was going to link to her studio or her profile-don’t get me wrong I could. I’m not the same awkward 11-year-old anymore. I legally could do the link to the nightmares this women gave me. I wont because I am better then her. I’m not perfect-I thought about it.

I hope she reads this and I hope she is more careful with the words then those that she gave me. I was never a great dancer but I had spirit. Her words to me crushed my dancing hopes at every turn. I was made to feel smaller then a pea. When she would lash out at me I would not listen. She would belittle me in front of the class weekly. I would listen and say to myself “Meg, don’t listen-you’re a great dancer.”

It’s not my profession or my passion-I just like to dance. Last year I danced with Michael Jackson and he said “You dance great.” I never got the white gloves or the sequined blue leotard and jazz heels. I did get the King Of Pop loving my head-pop’s. It’s on YouTube!!

So don’t ever feel weird or strange or that you need to conform. You may never get a blue sequined leotard. I didn’t. It’s O.K.

There is, at the end of the day, a sea of blue leotards. I don’t need to be a blue sheep. I flock to the herd of greatness and this flock welcomes everyone. This picture shows me for me, with freedom.

Who else has felt bad by teacher’s or instructors? Who has risen above their words of pure negative!

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