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mannersGoddess Granny here! Well it’s about 24 hours into a New Year and so far, I’ve managed to de-Christmas my house, do a pile of laundry-and catch a cold .I have also firmly resolved NOT to make any lame resolutions but rather to simply become more fully engaged and focused in living the 
happiest and healthiest life possible! (Cold is not being tolerated well and WILL be leaving the building SOON!)

One of my pettiest of pet peeves lately- particularly while I was out and about shopping and having company. It was during “the season” it appears to be the absolute and total lack of even the most basic of what we who have lived a few years refer to as “good manners” out there.

Whether it be interaction with a salesperson, a server in a restaurant, drivers in traffic, or even while spending time with family and friends and 
their children, I noticed how badly people are behaving.

I don’t want to sound like your Mama or in my case,the nuns who helped shape my formative years but I would like to open the door for a little stop n’ chat on the subject because I firmly believe that beauty and class/good manners go hand in hand! I will tell you that when the Megettes met up at the pink-hell aka “The Madonna Inn” that each and every one of the gorgeous ladies I met acted like they were royalty and treated others the same way: it was very refreshing to be in their company. Trust me, WE acted much better even at our worst (if almost being evicted for laughing too hard at 10pm in a room is a serious infraction?) than 99% of the staff and guests at this “noted” hotel.

We could sit for hours and list what bugs us the most about people these days but I’ll try instead to gently steer our conversation towards how I’m going to try and improve my actions. In a nutshell: smile even more, remember to say please and thank you at all times, and to let one car ahead of me in those annoying “Merge” lanes no matter what! Simple yes but you’d be amazed at how many people out there don’t even try to remember these basic examples of good manners!

Combine the overall rudeness with today’s technology (do not even get me started…) and we have become a society of people who just aren’t very nice to each other.

Our fabulous friend GiGi used a perfect phrase in a recent post and I quote here here because it’s so on point: “This society is losing it’s ability to handle gentility….” 

Gentility: the quality of being well-mannered and refined. Few of us are “born to the gentry” aka noted society or upper class in the classic sense of the word but I always notice and appreciate someone who has cultivated the “to the manor born” attitude when they are in public at the very least.

I’m a serious and voracious reader and often receive books for gifts: one under my tree from a friend who LOVES how I “treat people” (she’s always saying I’m “too nice…” Kiss

The book is called “Class With The Countess” by Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.I have never seen “The Real Housewives of NY”(I believe she is on it?) as I don’t “do” reality TV of any kind and had NO earthly idea who the woman is before I read this little book: apparently she “married up” as some would say and gained a title in the process. Not knowing anything 
about her humble beginnings, I liked her rather self-depreciating and to the point style of writing. She tells about her experiences in a “upper-classy circle.” I agree with her 100% when she describes how we NEED to get back a few social graces. It is how the new generation of women NEED some basic guidelines about tact and manners! Contemporary etiquette tips are refreshing and interesting as she outlines them as well.

It’s basically a book about how to add a touch of refinement to everything in your life. Or as she says “how to live with elegance and flair…” Do I think it qualifies as required reading? Probably not. However, it DOES give the reader a refresher course in how to “act nice” as well as how to correctly meet royalty should a royal ever cross your path. 

It’s always great to have at least the skill of being capable of making small talk and to know how to eat from a formally-set table. More importantly, it’s crucial to know how NOT to act when your behavior WILL be under scrutiny. All from potential in-laws to someone interviewing you for a dream job.

These are skills every beautiful woman/person must have and are as important as the perfect lipgloss! The media hasn’t served us well by the exposing bad behavior of  some as front page news either. Some things simply are NOT acceptable, never have been and never will be no matter who does it-period.

I believe that many of us crave a “simpler time” in that we just want to be treated with a bit of respect and courtesy every day. This isn’t to say I’m suggesting we abandon that which does make our lives “better” or more “efficient”.  I’m suggesting that we who frequent this site which focuses so much on the outer and inner beauties of a person embrace new habits of “niceness” and better “manners” in our day to day life as part of 
our daily routine. I am of the belief that it WILL make a difference and might even start a new trend if we’re lucky! 

Oh, By The Way- I just read that the “titled” husband of the Countess recently ended their marriage of quite a few years by….Email.

The “lack of class” epidemic has reached even someone BORN TO THE 
Not laughing, it’s just in such poor taste that I am in awe at this level of rudeness. That little trend of respect REALLY needs to get started, right?

Do you agree that too many of us have become accepting of rudeness? Do you think that it’s out of control and how can we start to change things? What is your personal tipping-point in terms of rudeness? (I for one am not very tolerant of those with small children who insist that I compromise my comforts, meals, and air-travel so that they might deal with their offspring in public.)

If you’d like to brush up on some basics and not so, here’s the book written by the recently “dumped BADLY” Countess de Lesseps.

I think this lady will land just fine on her well manicured feet! Who is going to join me in bringing back “good manners?”

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