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Meg here! Hey there loyal and rewarded! Yup-I’m talking to you! I just wanted to give a quick update! You ladies love the instant gratification (I as well-GUILTY AS CHARGED!)

I just wanted for those of that have turned in their points by June 10th to know a HUGE  trip was made today to the good ole’ Beverly Hills, CA Post Office!

It’s like Santa’s little helpers over here! Does anyone know where I can find some elves? Kiss I’m a little bit neurotic with each pack and include a hand-written not along with your goodies because you have all personally touched me and I think it is very important to let each one of you know it!

So-if you have turned in your points by June 10th then be on the lookout for your package! Please give it a full workday week before you start emailing me Meg-where’s my stuff lady?!”

I promise it’s on its way! The next mailer is going out June 24th

No one has forgotten you! Bare with me! I’m not a big company-I’m just me and I am really trying very hard to keep everyone happy and positive and looking forward for the joy you’re going to feel going to your mailbox.

I see posts wondering how can I earn more MMUP Points?

For every friend that you invite to and accepts you get 10 points. 
The free makeup rewards start to come after only 50 points so if you have 5 girlfriends that join then you’re already eligible for your goodies! Affiliate Program  Really easy way that requires no work on your end is to embed a “ Mafia Member” button on your own individual blog. Each of you has an internal code that is tracked and everytime someone that reads your blog clicks on the “Mafia” button-you get a point. So you’re really earning amazing new product while someone else does the work? How good does that sound?

There are 3 different buttons or banners to chose from so you can definitely go big (for the maximum exposure to earn points) or discreet-we have little button sizes as well. They’re pretty cute and one example is the image on this post. Whaddya think? Bada Bing Bada Bang!?

Don’t try to get sneaky and keep clicking on your own button!! Unfortunately since some “Bad Apples”  did try to take advantage of our generosity-we really monitor all of the activity so as always-Be true to us-Be true to yourself!
I’d love to know how you are all enjoying the points system and what you think about it! I know, I know Patience is a virtue-I don’t have a lot of patience myself but know you are appreciated and WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF!  Kiss

How is the points system working out for you ladies so far? Do tell!

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