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Meg here! OK- I thought I had been really clear. Makeup points will continue but now you cannot turn in more then once a month. The points are a way to say “Thanks” for being a part of our makeup family.

If the only reason you are part of the family is to get “Free Stuff” then this is not the place for you. I am hoping knowing you can only cash out once a month will discourage those of you that are leaving completely no insight at all in the rush to cash out your points. It is highly insulting and I hope those of you that are doing this will stop.

I am also discouraging repeat comments (like 3 under one post) like
 “Looks Nice”
“Oh, it comes in Purple”

It’s an obvious attempt to just wrack up points and it is really annoying me. SO-If you have something worth saying then say it. Don’t leave one line that teaches us nothing. I told you before, I watch how each person contributes. If I feel you are just contributing to get get product then your 250 Points will get you an inexpensive lipgloss. So there’s the last warning. Please spread the word!!

For the thoughtful commenter’s, thank-you, I appreciate you and I know that our readers enjoy hearing whats on your mind!

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