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Magic Of Aloe Proto-Collagen Moisturizer!

Magic Of Aloe Proto-Collagen Moisturizer!

The magnificent PR Reps for Magic Of Aloe sent us their Proto-Collagen moisturizer. It claims to be a nutritional Aloe based collagen moisturizer that will provide a flawless finish to your complexion. May be used with or without foundation.

I have been taught that you need to look for long, confusing ingredients for face creams to work. Scientific ingredient names like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Copper Pesticides, Hyaluronic Acid and N6-furfuryladenine. Names that you’re a little afraid to pronounce in company. Names that could be found in a dirty bomb. If it’s strong enough to nuke L.A. it must be strong enough to blast these fine lines from my face! Nature be damned!

Imagine my surprise getting a bottle of face cream called “Magic Of Aloe”.

I am always suspect of a bottle who has ingredients I can easily say and have heard of before. This company doesn’t even claim the aloe is from a remote land, untouched by man, bred from the rarest Aloe plant. It just says “Aloe”.

Ladies, are we really back to basics? What about the acids? If this whole “keep it simple” approach does the job then there’s a greenhouse I need to be buying soon. Please post if the aloe in this bottle was a true abracadabra!!

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Proto-Collagen Moisturizer

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