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LUMENE Berryfun Lipgloss

LUMENE Berryfun Lipgloss

The brilliant PR Reps for LUMENE sent us out a bunch of Berryfun Lipgloss in tons of different shades to test!

You ladies kill me, you’re hysterical. When you log-in to be a “Meg’s Make-Up” poster there is a basic questionnaire to fill out. One of the questions asked was ” what 3 items you would most want on a deserted island”, the answers ran the gamut. Here is a brief sample of what your like-minded readers wanted…Anti-depressants, no men and the best one? Someone put they they just wanted eggs.

Alright, so those are a bit quirky. What did the most of you want? Sunscreen and..LIPGLOSS!! Lipgloss over champagne, vodka and, oh, I don’t know..WATER!?!?! Obviously, we have A BUNCH of women that swear by their lipgloss. Maybe they wanted to impress the natives..

Ladies, when you post for this item please add the number on the base of the tube that you tested. As I mentioned we got A LOT of colors to shine our lips with!

Please post if you were left on Paradise Island or Gilligan’s with this product!

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