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So there I was, another lovely afternoon in LA, going about my day, enjoying the sunshine, the birds chirping, doing a little research for hot, new Meg’sMakeup topics… and then from across the table, Meg says to me “Hey, Jasmine, can you test and review this new lube for me?” Cue the storm clouds, violins and heart tugs. Really? Really!? You see, I have been in a five year relationship, two of which have been spent long distance. Though it’s only 110 miles between us, our busy work / play schedules keep us separated more than we would like. I think you all can formulate a pretty good idea what this has done to our ::ehem:: intimate life. Don’t get me wrong – when we’re together, it’s like we haven’t skipped a beat, but the dry spells during our separation have been hard on the soul. Sadly, at that moment I was smack in the middle of the mojave desert in this arena. I already knew I would not get the chance to test its effectiveness in the time that she needed the review. (We are currently into day 7 of a 28 day separation.) And all I had to show for it is this tube of the world’s first and only certified organic lubricant wrapped in the cutest teal packaging. Are you kidding me?? Completely tasteless, odorless, and made using only pure, natural, and organic ingredients from plant extracts (short list: water, aloe, flax extract, and some natural gums – all organically grown by the way), the Yes Intimate Lubricant is exactly what I would have always wanted had I known creating this product organically could actually be done. Who knew the silicones and alcohols in all the other brands on the market was a choice not a necessity born out of the companies’ concerns of hygiene and ease of use for the consumer? Any other time I would have been ecstatic to give this little baby a go. Of course with my luck, Meg’s timing could not have been worse. (Not your fault Meg dear – love ya!) You all know that I am a fanatic about products that use wholesome ingredients and production practices; I couldn’t have made a better bottle of protection for my kitty cat myself- this is all in all pretty perfect.

What I can tell you about Yes water-based intimate lubricant is that the feel, taste and smell (or should I say lack thereof of the latter two) will wonderfully compliment your sexcapades. It’s basically aloe vera with added ingredients whose jobs are to emulsify it and make it easy to smooth over surfaces as well as eliminate that natural bitter aloe vera taste. Fabulous! But that’s as far as I could get. Needless to say, in order to get the most comprehensive review, I needed to “call in a favor” (shout out to my girl, whom shall remain anonymous by request, for getting busy for the cause!) I mean I can talk all day long about the feel, taste, smell, ingredients, etc., but unless it’s put to the test, it’s all just speculation, right? Let me first set the stage by saying that my friend, in general, is not very keen on lube. In fact, she doesn’t really use it at all – “yeeeears” was how she put it when I first asked her to be my lab rat, err, I mean, test subject.  Plus, she was a little bit embarrassed to go on the record about her sexual experience with this product. I mean, she’s not a prude by any means, but asking her to give me a play-by-play that will be blasted out to 100,000 women is a whole different ball game and can cause dry-mouth and anxiety in even the most open person. So, for all intents and purposes, let’s call her “Angelica”.

So, back to the issue at hand. Here’s what Angelica had to say about Yes lubricant. Performance wise, this product gets an A+. Angelica has sensitivities to synthetic products – she has to carefully analyze the ingredients in creams, serums, and gels to spot the “no-no” ingredients in her beauty products. Off the bat, this was an issue for her. I assured Angelica that, in this instance, she had nothing to worry about and that in fact, the company’s motto is “Yes says no” to synthetic ingredients. Based on that alone she was sold. Yes’s even comes in an oil-based version formulated from shea and cocoa butters, almond oil, sunflower, vitamin E and beeswax (you can actually eat this!) and it’s slight thickness and oily texture makes it great moisturizer for the skin – and Yes actually recommends leaving it on afterward to do just that! In this case, Angelica had the pleasure (pun definitely intended, hehe!) of trying the water-based lubricant. I am happy to say she came back with a report of smashing success. Yes puts it’s money where it’s mouth is and delivers a premium product that does everything it says it will and more- no irritation, no discomfort, no harmful fragrances added, pure and untainted sexual bliss. Her only warning was to go light on the coverage – a little goes a long way. For all you folks with sensitivities, look no further for your the ideal lubricant to suit your needs (keep hope alive – this is made for you!) Guys… gals… I think all will enjoy this little gem. Go to and check out Yes’ selection of fantastic products. Believe me your partner will thank you.

How many of you would be excited to try organic lube?

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