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Meg here, so I love my grandmother to absolute bits and pieces but sometimes, after I’ve just closed a deal or have had some success , she always says “Oh Meg, that’s great but just remember~ your health is more then wealth!” I usually laugh and say to her (she’s funny so she laughs) “Oh Gram, that’s great you ole bag but as Dorothy Parker says, I’ll settle for a diamond encrusted wheelchair!” Then we chuckle and move on to who we think is secretly gay in our family

Look, the reality is, your health is no laughing matter and to say something as sane as that is immediately bringing down’s street cred.

This is what brings me to Nicole Paxson. A charmed life indeed. Nicole is the daughter of Bud and Marla Paxson, founder’s of HSN and PAX TV. Nicole could be just another celebutante. Tons of everything, tons of connections, tons of….puke.
Not in the Hollywood-bulimia addict way. Nicole is sick in a real sick way. Poor girl has had LUPUS since age 12. If you don’t know, along with the health stuff, it also makes you break out in horrible rashes. I don’t know what butterflies have to do with it but that’s what they’re called in Lupus circles.

High School had to have been High Hell. Can you imagine having to go to school with the richiest, bitchiest, meanest Hollywood girls and having horrible rashes break out all over your face? As old gram points out, the cash can’t buy you health. Maybe some damn good doctors, but who needs doctors when you look like you exfoliated with a poison oak patte.

Being a makeup fiend for obvious reasons, she spent her recovery times mixing potions “Maybe if I mix this CoverGirl with this Chanel it will cover my redness.” Maybe “I add 3 parts Maybelline to One Part Almay and throw in some Clinique this will work!” You know what? It worked very temp and very far and few and Nicole was still not wanting to leave home.

Instead of getting PAX TV to make a show about her learning farming techniques and dolling up in an outhouse in Nebraska. Instead of releasing a sex tape. Instead of sitting home and crying, Nicole went to work!

This brings me to a product that covers, conceals and protects with SPF 30.

Most people cannot create a product around their illness. Nicole is no dummy and knows this. Even though her body has gone through treatments you and I cannot even imagine, the girl jumped in to solve her cover issues and everyone elses with skin problems and has helped raise over two million dollars for Lupus research taboot!

Her concealer product is called “Lotis” a “A great concealer is as hard to find as the endangered blue-winged Lotis butterfly itself. Lotis concealer stick with SPF 30 UVA/UVB covers all of your skin’s uneven discolorations and keeps you looking younger and fresher from start to finish. From blemishes to dark circles, the lightweight and easy-to-use stick goes on smooth and silky, never dull. You can be confident that you are showing the world exactly what you want and concealing what you don’t. Perfectly equipped with go-anywhere packaging it also has a quick-peak mirror, for anytime application. Flawless skin is hard to find, it’s nice to finally have something you can always depend on.”

THE VERDICT? Good God, how I love this. I used to always go to The Balm Concealer but with my acrylic nails I would get a lot of wasted product! I LOVE the lipstick type application and how much coverage this provides. If you’re reading this and have dark circle under eyes then look no further! If you have Any type of redness skin condition you need this!
Ladies, please let me know if Nicole Paxson Lotus Concealer with SPF 30 is your new go to!
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You’re going to thank me for this suggestion! Anyone else tried this line? Chime on in!

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