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Lollia Eau de Parfum “BREATHE” no 19

Lollia Eau de Parfum  “BREATHE” no 19

The sweet-smelling PR reps for Lollia Perfume sent us the most enchanted bottle of perfume. Packaged so old-fashioned and girlie, it has an actual crystal lauriat hanging around a dainty ribbon chain. If I were a set decorator and this perfume showed up I’d stick it on one of those mirrored 1930’s vanity tables and have the perfect photo shoot !!

The trend,I’m noticing in perfumes right now is that they’re going the Zen route. I guess this is what it has come to. I’ve given up on the bottles that say “Obsession”, “Very Sexy”” and “Beautiful”. These titles are promising but a bit much. Maybe I’m getting jaded ,but now I’m now open to just “Breathe”.

I want to start a line like this, I’d call my bottles..”Don’t Stress”, “This Too Shall Pass” and of course, “What’s Done is Done”.

Although the title is simple enough, the notes in this fragrance are anything but. Here is what Lollia says about their new fragrance “A feminine and elegantly silk screened bottle houses the delicious scents of Lavender, Peony and Lily with notes of Milk and Honey. A shimmering glass crystal adornment is the distinctive signature touch, making this perfume the perfect gift for fine fragrance connoisseurs”.

Ladies please post if this made you breathe easier or if I should start my limited edition “Just Xanax”.

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Lollia Breath Eau De Parfum

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