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The very generous reps from Lola sent Megs Makeup some of their Lola Refine Shine Anti-Shine Gel! out to test

I am so happy to be alive in this day of the make-up age. Think of how limited women’s choices were 25 years ago. Especially in skin care. Now we even have a refine shine anti-gel. No it’s not the vote or anything but in our lifetime we will be able to say we had choices! We actually had a special potion formed for our ant-shine. Women of the glowing T-Zone, unite! We are not forgotten!

As with any choice and freedom, the possibilities can become overwhelming. For every woman that griped there was no choice, there is now a woman feeling dizzy in Ulta. I admit, I have primers. Now that I understand them I don’t know how I lived without them. I do tend to get oily around the dreaded T.
When I opened this package I was confused. It seemed to say it was a type of primer that also controlled shine-wait, it can go over the make-up too? Is this incase I get down to my last make-up step only to see I have forgotten the first one? All is not lost, how convenient! I do love a two in one! Could it be? The ever elusive shine/primer potion?

Here’s what Lola says about their Refine Shine Anti-Shine Gel Water based and full of potent antioxidants like guava and grape seed, this daily treatment helps to tighten pores and soften lines. Wear alone for a natural smooth finish or apply before makeup to help your look last longer. Take along for easy touch ups to blot oiliness – Even over makeup!

Ladies Please Post if Lola’s Refine Shine Anti-Shine made you glow from iside and not out?

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