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Lola, Maven, Cat, Tesoras – Doll’s House!

Lola, Maven, Cat, Tesoras – Doll’s House!

Welcome to the first edition of Doll’s House, with me, Desertdoll. Where I’ll be bringing you the “best in the house” items as a counterpart to my other feature, Fabulous Fridays. But where Fab Fridays is pricey, Doll’s house is oh-so-affordable!

This week, I’m cleaning house! And call me a weirdo, but I love to clean. I don’t have a cleaning person like most of my friends do. 2 reasons for that: I don’t think they’d do as good of a job as me and I don’t want anyone else to see my filth. Funny story, after a particularly drunken Halloween a friend woke up at my house and told us she had gotten sick in the toilet in the middle of the night. My response? “Oh no! Our toilet is so dirty!” I was mortified she got sick in my unclean toilet. But I digress…

We get a lot of products to review. Sometimes a product might not meet our usual criteria for a post. Maybe we only got a few (we try to get 10 to get a range of reviews) or they may only be sample size (full size items give you a better chance to truly experience it). I’d like to give a special shout of to some items that deserve to be checked out, but for one reason or another, didn’t get a full post. Click on any of the names to view and purchase…

Lola Lola Cosmetics Pressed Powder is one of the nicest powders I’ve ever used. Finely milled, great coverage and gorgeous packaging. And their other products scored very high with our testers too. Only our lightest and darkest skinned gals got a chance to try this wonderful product, but lucky for them! (click the picture to buy it now)

Maven makes an incredible liquid mineral foundation packed with good for your skin ingredients. It is especially great for woman who have trouble finding the right shade or texture for their skin, and all shades come in either normal to oily or normal to dry. I saw this instantly blend so well with a testers skin, it looked like it melted. Amazing!

We’ve already been told once that we’re sometimes a bit Cat Cosmetics heavy on our site. Can we help it that both she and her products are so wonderful? The Kitty Puss Puss lip gloss wheel was no exception. 5 of her best selling glosses in one place. See? How can we not love this line?!

Tesoras sent us samples sizes of their wonderful, handmade body products. From scrubs and lotions to bath gels and bubble baths, it was quite an array. And all their products come in 40 scents, so there really is something for everyone. There’s a sample pack available on their site for only $3.00, check it out!

So lovely members, if you received any of these products, please let us know what you got and what you thought.

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