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Well ladies…the week really flew and here we are with my sequel review for Liz Earle’s Hand Repair Cream, the follow up pair to the Orange Flower Hand Wash. What can I say about sequels because lets face it, an original is always a hard act to follow even if the second isn’t trying to be the original. I have four favorites in a variety of cinema that I treasure. Gone With the Wind, Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, and Steel Magnolias. Now think about these…Scarlett (what the *#$@), Jaws 2-17 (it felt like that many), and Hannibal (oh Sir Anthony…how I defended you). Thank god we were spared a sequel of SM starring Ashley Tisdale as Shelby’s namesake and Zac Ephron as Jack Jr singing and dancing their way around Chiquapin Parish! ICK.

If any of these examples conjures up an image in your mind then you will know how I inevitably felt about the Hand Repair cream. I had highly anticipated hopes, I knew the best of intentions were put into the creation, and still I just couldn’t get past the scent they left behind. The first time I tried it I thought I might have had a bad bottle but I checked and it was just as fresh as the Hand Wash so that wasn’t the problem. I tried it again just before bed and it honestly kept me awake as my hands invariably made their way up to my pillow and under my head. I simply did not like it and neither did my husband…which is a major NO vote for trying any beauty treatments at night in bed. Problem is I can’t put my finger on which of the scents is causing me such angst.

Bergamot, Chamomile, Echinacea, Hops, Lavender, and Neroli are all listed among the natural ingredients. To be honest I don’t know what Bergamot or Neroli smells like so that may be it but the website makes them sound predominately citrus derived and I LOVE those types of smells. Lavender has never been a favorite of mine and I’m not opposed to it in delicate quantities but it might not work well for me in combination with the rest. The upside is that this is absolutely non-greasy and makes your hands velvety soft. But I’ve tried it again and again and my nose crinkles each time…and soft hands aren’t worth worsening the wrinkles that have appeared around my sniffer.

So unfortunately for me this hand cream is not a ‘must see event of the season’ but I’ll keep going back for re-runs of the Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash. I should mention that this hand cream has received lots of ‘I loved the scent’ and ‘I don’t have to wear perfume when I use it’ comments so I may be in the minority here. Test it out for yourself if you can get a sample somewhere. Fact of the matter is scent is very personal and one woman’s sweet nectar can be another woman’s anchovie paste.

Have you tried it and are you a Bergamot/Lavender/Neroli girl (ahem Vexy…our resident scent detective)? Let us know and GLAM ON megsmakup gals!!


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