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OK, This week I’ve been working on a film called “The Gentleman”, and it’s a movie about trying to get a movie made. This is a popular subject for movie plots. For theater too, actually. I drag my husband to Broadway musicals all the time. He finally asked me at the last one (Curtains) “Why is every musical about making a musical?”. Funny. Anyway, in “The Gentleman” I play the spoiled wife of a big Hollywood producer, who is ignoring her while he tries to get his movie made. Interestingly enough, I didn’t get cast as “The Movie-star”, which was fine with me because I think my character is much more interesting.

Last week when I started preparing for my role, no no no, NOT memorizing my lines silly! Dying my roots, bikini wax, fake tanner, you know all that really important stuff! I decided to try Listerine Whitening Strips instead of the Crest White Strips I usually rely to keep my chompers sparkly. I know what you’re thinking “Risky to try a new product right before a movie shoot” and you are right! But I like to live on the edge of beauty sometimes so I took the plunge, and OH MY GOD!!! These things are GREAT!!! They actually dissolve in your mouth like yummy, minty gum, but aren’t as strong tasting. You don’t have to pull out those goopy strips and brush again. If I’m late and have to run out of the house before the 10 minutes are up, it’s not a problem! They just melt away!! AND they freshen your breath while making your teeth ultra white!! My teeth have never been so white! They are whiter then the chick that got cast as “The Movie-star” HA!! But I have to warn you, if you don’t follow the instructions on where to place the strip, you will end up with a mess n your mouth. I found out the hard way!!

AND here’s a little tip from my old make-up artist days: There are certain lipstick colors that actually make your teeth appear lighter and brighter. They are the dusty rose shades. I love Prestige Lipstick in Rosewood. This color will flatter almost every skin tone.

So shine on movie stars! It’s all in the smile!

Any other Prestige or Listerene lovers that use this for their close-up? I want to hear!

Found at your chain drugstore!

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