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Meg here! I know I said I needed a week to mourn but I feel like being busy is a great healer. Plus, if you knew anything about my Martin Schaedel Bio you’d know that he’d have a real issue in my wallowing in pity! He would tell me “Enough Meg, on with it! I really appreciated everyone’s great words of comfort and prayers. I will never be able to let you all know what it has meant to me.

Kelly Ripa just ordered a bunch of these Lint-On-The-Go-Sheets! When Martin was staying with me he stayed on my couch. You know who else likes to get up on my couch? My dog Penny. When he was running off to a meeting and complaining to me he had been dog-haired, I quickly grabbed the slim envelope of these portable lint (or in this case-doggy hair) removers. I took one of the sleeves out, told Martin that he needed to slide his hand through it and peel back the protective layer and then pat away. He did as he was running out the door, asked for one to go for the car and said “These are quite good, that’s my review.”

These are just great to put in your purse, glove compartment even office desk drawer. If you ever suffer from your long hair getting all over your sweaters, a case of your guy’s flaky scalp or just plain old lint these are a must. Instead of one roller trying to be in all different locations, you can buy one pack and easily remedy a convenience!

Shelly, the creator, has been consumed by coming up with time-saving products that we all need. The packaging is also just cute and fun and uber travel friendly! Here’s what Shelli says “We’ve all had that “Yikes” moment noticing hair or lint on our clothes just before that presentation, black-tie event or hot date. Well fret no more…The Original LINT-ON-THE-GO-SHEETS!® are here.

These babies are getting a lot of press lately and Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and JLo are reported to be big fans!

Any other Ladies really enjoying these posh yet practical items?





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