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meganddvfMeg here! Greetings from the “City That Never Sleeps” and their exhausted visitor. My alarm goes off every morning at 6:30 am so that I can be ready to work at my Linda Mason makeup class. I work hard blending and sculpting and damn does that “cat eye” kill me. I spend hours and hours trying to perfect the looks that Linda shows us. Linda will come over to my station and offer me tips and help me master my model. I have a new appreciation for application. It’s not easy!

I’ll then get home, hop into the shower again and check my emails for where I’m suppose to be that evening. Tonight I was invited to a party for Diane VonFurstenberg and CFDA’s “Fashion for Haiti.” The T-shirt Diane is wearing in the picture is being released Feb. 12th and all of the proceeds are being donated to Haiti. If the T-Shirt is good enough for THE ICON OF FASHION then it’s good enough for me. I happily handed my moolah over to be in the same T’s that all of fashion’s elite will be wearing. When was the last time you could say “Yeah, my T is $25 dollars and anyone who is anyone owns one AND I’m supporting a great cause!

I am so tired I am typing this with one eye open! It isn’t coal mining but it requires so much energy and effort to try my hardest to apply everything I’m learning to be a skilled makeup expert.
Hannah Reimann came into my chair without a stitch of makeup on and sat brilliantly as I blended and blended and blended some more! I wanted to give her a glamorous look without making her look too “done.” She was so patient and kind to me and told me all about her amazing career! Check this talented beauty out!

This makeup was applied after 3 days of classes and I already felt so much more confident. I was really happy with the way it came out. I mean, let’s face it. It’s not like Hannah is tough to make beautiful but I was still proud.

I’m going to keep you all in the loop on whats happening during Fashion Week in NYC. This will include pictures, the pahtay’s, the makeup on the runways and all the gossip I can gather.

I need to check this term “beauty sleep” out since I am totally running on empty. Kiss Goodnight, sleeping beauties! I’ll be bringing you all I’ve got full steam ahead!

I’m finding the smoky, soft beauty look to be the most difficult to master! It’s hard using 5 colors on the lid and not turning my muse into a drag queen.

What are your tips for the smoky eye and what would you like me to investigate for you here in the big apple?

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