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The beauty maven that is Linda Mason graciously provide Megs Makeup with her new Betty Blushes for review. As if that wasn’t enough she also threw in her amazing blusher brush. I’m starting to feel like an infomercial, if that wasn’t enough Linda Mason also gave us copies of her amazing how-to book “Makeup, The Art Of Beauty!”

Linda Mason knows her stuff, she’s been the makeup artist to every A-Lister from Cameron Diaz to Bette Midler. In fact, by creating a look for Steven Meisel the Wall Street Journal went GaGa and wrote, “Mason…took face painting out of punk and into high fashion.”

I love that Megsmakeup is able to expose our readers to some boutique and unique brands. I mean, NARS is great and all, but it just rocks to be in the know about everyone out there doing amazing work.

Let’s start with Linda’s Betty Blush and Blush Brush. The blush we tried came in a dainty round, black and white women cartoon box. I tried two great colors that provided completely different looks. I found the shade “Bare” to be a bit too nude for me, but when paired on top of “Blossom” (a sexy pink) it acted as a perfect highlighter.The neon yellow color blush brush applied the two perfectly and made it easy to find in my arsenal of plenty. Here’s what Linda says about her “Betty” Blush “Fabulously bright and shimmeringly sheer easy-to-use powder cheek color!”

I’m left-handed. This means I am unorganized and creative with a tendency towards artistic pursuits. Well, so the studies stay. I guess I’m pretty textbook, I can’t figure out how to balance a checkbook (why would I? Doesn’t the ATM do that sort of thing?) I can draw pretty much anything though. I’m not fabulous at it but I’m decent and I’ve never gone to school or anything for it but it relaxes me.

Because I have a natural inclination towards drawing and art, I’ve always been decent at putting my face on. Not fabulous, but again, never went to school for it so not bad. I was lucky to have had the priviledge of having some really great makeup artists work on me in my years in front of the lens. I watched their every move like a hawk. I never understood the models next to me reading magazines or doing crosswords while they were worked on. Didn’t they want to see how they made our eyes POP like that? Why did my cheekbones looked chiseled when they did them? How could I mimic the lips they were giving me?

I got a great, free makeup education during those days. I know we must have a lot of right-handed readers that can balance a budget but not make a smoky eye. Linda Mason’s “Makeup The Art Of Beauty” is really informative, with step by step pictures and clear how-to instructions, it’s hard not to look picture perfect using it as a guide. It covers hundreds of looks and if you’ve ever wondered “How did they do that”? Then look no further. This is the beauty Bible you need.

Ladies, please post your thoughts on all things Linda Mason!

Linda Mason, Buy it Here!

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