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Goddess Granny
who just spent the day trying to “get glam” again after 2 weeks at a cottage with a small shower and one mirror!Surprised In spite of the great company and wonderful weather,I really do miss my vanity and spa-tub when we’re away…

I stopped in the new and fabulous “Ulta” not too far from my home today: this place is truly a product-junkies dream come true! Brand names galore in every category combined with tons of drugstore deals to boot and a smattering of “private label” and indy brands as well!

Skin care, body delights, hair and nail pretties, the latest tools of the trade, and the nicest scents: I could literally spend hours in here, there’s NO pressure to buy, mirrors, kleenex, q-tips and friendly, experienced help if you’d like! Lots to sample and sort through and there’s even a salon in back for beautiful hair and facials with my beloved “Dermologica” products…did I die and truly go to heaven in a strip-mall? Innocent

I purposely stopped in because the flyer (get on their mailing lst…they also give out freebies!) I received from them focused on the new Urban Decay line many of us have been lemming after…it’s all IN there now and some of it is even better than in pictures! Not sure about the black lipgloss for myself but the new “Surreal Skin” foundation is INCREDIBLE as are the newest shades in the 24/7 liners and the “Naked” lipstick might just be the nude-lippy perfection I’ve been searching forever to own! 🙂

I was raving about “Ink For Eyes” to anyone in a 3-aisle area (NB: two of the colors, the blue and purple were almost sold out…get it NOW or be sorry!:) and the gorgeous “prestige-product” manager “Shay” (seriously,this women has no pores and is so pretty!) and I started chatting: she was curious about “how I knew so much about stuff” and I started telling her about “Meg’s” and how I had tested/reviewed this incredible product prior to it’s general release.

She was VERY interested and as I explained the who, where and why of the site with my usual enthusiasm, she also became excited and she also mentioned that it would be great to be able to tell people about “someplace” like this because there’s just so much info out there to sort through!

She promised to check us out and I told here we’d chat the next time I visited the store.Kiss Seriously…this was no less than the 3rd time today I went off on a tangent about “Meg’s” and what it has to offer to anyone who loves beauty,fun,and cool-people! Many people in the course of a few hours due to my prompting pulled out their PDA’s, phones, and pens and jotted down the website along with some product-review notes on stuff I thought they’d enjoy…

Moral of the story: please DO talk about “Meg’s” whenever the chance comes your way! Meg rewards ALL of us for our loyalty and I for one know that the more we get the “word out” that this IS the place to come for the latest and greatest in the world of beauty,that even more good things will come our way as well! 🙂 SO many out there really DO have an interest and just don’t know where to look first…I would love it if the peeps at places like “Ulta” would share the site in THEIR convo’s as well and one mouthful of sweetness at a time,we’ll have even more people signing on and chiming in!

So when you’re out and about,if someone asks about your lippy or nail color, and even if you notice something gorgeous about someone else, get the word OUT and absolutely mention!

They will thank you for it, promise! Kiss


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