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Meg here, so Thursday night I went to the lauch party of Rogan For Target at Barney’s New York. It really was a fabulous party! Champagne and nibblers and paparazzi and cameras. There were so many celebs, lets see I was mingling with Rachel Bilson, Elizabeth Banks, Nicky Hilton, Marcia Cross, Amy Smart, Mena Suvari, Felicity Huffman and Kelly Rutherford. It was quite a turnout! The collection is super fun too so be sure to hit Target the day the Rogan line appears as nothing is over $45!

Leaving the party I was waiting for valet to pull up my car and I saw a great display in the window Meet Lipstick Queen’s Poppy King on Saturday! I love Poppy King! I knew her only from emails and I could not wait to go back and meet her in the flesh and tell her how much I love her products. She is one talented genius that Poppy and in this past review we all went wild for her luxurious lipstick! Poppy’s Lipstick Reviews

Anyhow, I needed to meet this amazing woman. I went and woke up my roomie Lydia and we hopped in the car and hopped over to Beverly Hills.

As soon as we walked in to Barney’s we spotted Poppy. She is so fabulous she had pitchers of sangria being poured for her admiring guests and then I saw it. I saw the way to learn to be as fabulous as this pucker princess.. She wrote it down. Poppy has come out with her own amazing book. I have just started and I can’t put it down. Simon Doonan says on the blurb on the back of her book “Poppy King is the Henry Ford of Lipsticks, and she shows you how to be a plucky entrepreneur without loosing you flossy-flossy.”

Poppy and I at her Lipstick Queen Barney’s set-up~holding her new tome!

The book Lipstick Queen tells Poppy’s tale of finishing highschool with less then stellar grades and 101 ways to get out of phys ed(umm..I can relate) how she really was just on the search for the perfect matte lipstick. At eighteen years old she started her business and three years later she was running her own multi-million dollar lipstick company.

After the initial hugs and kisses, I pressed Miss Poppy,..“Why did you write this book?” She said she wanted women to learn her tricks, how all you need is passion to make your dreams come true! The book is about finding and developing the great idea that can change your life! It’s also filled with ridiculous and hysterical stories about how she did it! Think Sex and The City meets The Tipping Point!

I love inspiring women stories and Poppy is a hoot and a half so I am so happy to be staying in my bed Sunday Morning finishing her terrific tome!

Ladies let me know if any of you have already read Lessons of a Lipstick Queen!

Lessons of A Lipstick Queen~Buy It Here!

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