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Happy New Year girls!

This is Solero (a.k.a. Eleni Solomou for the curious ones out there) and since today is the first day of the year we thought of giving you something better than a review. We’re going to give you a gift!

The gift we received for the New Year is Korres Natural Products, the world-renowned Greek company that started out as a small homeopathic pharmacy, has been added to Megsmakeup’s list of wonderful cosmetic companies that value our reviews and your opinion. But that was our gift. Yours is even better and I’m going tell you all about it along with my Christmas story.

When I was a kid, every time I was walking around Athens with my mom, we passed outside her favorite pharmacy and she kept telling me tales about it. She said that it was not just a pharmacy. She said that there were scientists working in a lab in the back. She said that they were actually making everything they sold there on their own. I’m not sure if that was really the case, but I’m sure that Korres has been one of the best kept secrets in Athens.

In October of 2007, opened its first U.S. store in Manhattan. The space looks like a cutting edge New York loft (you know, the kind of lofts we all dream of when we think of the Big Apple) – so industrial and well designed that any self respecting cosmetic company would be jealous of.

Guess what ? Their all natural products are as amazing as their new space!

Their New Year’s gift to all readers is a special 20% discount on their products for the whole month of January. No, that didn’t sound nearly as exciting as it actually is, let me rephrase: OMG, KORRES GIVES A 20% DISCOUNT JUST TO MEGSMAKEUP GIRLS AT THEIR NEW SOHO STORE THROUGHOUT JANUARY!

Doesn’t this somehow tell you that 2008 is going to be awesome?

All of you lucky girls that live out there (and when I say lucky I mean LUCKY) just go to 110 Wooster Street in New York, NY 10012 and say the magic word “”.

It’s one of those things you don’t wanna miss, take my word for it.

I really hope that one day it will be me who takes my mom out for a walk around my favorite city, just so I can stop at Wooster street and tell her the rest of that little pharmacy’s tale.

Excuse my cheesiness, it must be the remains of the Christmas spirit enhanced by the excitement of the upcoming Korres’ reviews and exaggerated by me missing my mom.

Until then, I hope you enjoy your generous discount to the fullest!

Any other Korres lovers out there?

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