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So how did the cosmetics ban on airlines affect you? I mean, I’m all for safe flights but when I couldn’t bring a lipgloss on the plane, it really screwed me up. (By the way, check out: travelers/airtravel/prohibited/permitted-prohibited-items.shtm#1 for an up to date list of what you can and can’t bring in a carry-on. Basically, anything 3 oz or smaller and that you can fit in ONE quart size baggie, is a go.)

A year ago, pre baggie allowance, when traveling to NYC for the lovely Meg’s birthday blow out, I had to pack my makeup in my suitcase and it pained me. I always like to do my face right before landing, so much better than sleeping in eyeliner. Plus, the paranoid part of me always fears someone’s going to steal something. Which is so funny, the thought of some big, burly airline worker opening my bag and saying, “oh, is that the new Lorac Snake Charmer palette? I’ll have me some of that!” But safety first so into my luggage it went.

Of course, they lost my bag. Chi Chi and I stood around that baggage carousal for close to an hour until it finally stopped and it was apparent it was not coming. As we walked to the claim office, I started counting up my losses. Clothes, bags, shoes, a coat I paid a disgusting amount of money for-and all I really cared about was my makeup.

I managed to keep it together for the hour of paperwork but finally burst into tears in the back of the cab. I mean, what would you do if they lost your new jar of Crème de la Mer? That’s right, blubber like a child! We checked into the Hudson, Chi Chi gave me a clean pair of underwear and we did the only thing you can do in a situation like this-we got drunk.

Happy ending though. My luggage is at the front desk when we wake up the next morning! And so was every one of the 12 lipsticks and glosses I packed for the 5-day trip.

You know what I would have been really sad about losing though? My new Kevyn Aucoin Powder brush. Is it possible to love a brush this much? I say yes. Numerous “Best of Allure” awards, an incrediblysexy burgundy and clear acrylic handle and a full 2.5-inch diameter of the softest, most luxurious bristles you’ve ever felt. This brush makes me happy just looking at it on my vanity, standing at least 2 inches higher than every other brush in my holder. This is a big girl’s brush (versus anything I had as a teenager). And it makes me feel good inside and out. There, it’s out. I’m in love with a brush.

Plus, how great was Kevyn Aucoin? Of course, one of the most talented makeup artists ever, but so much more than that. Any man who constantly featured his Mom and Sisters along side of supermodels in every book he ever did, is a peach of a guy. He was a man who really loved women and everything he did was about making them feel as beautiful as he already thought they were. We lost one of the good ones when he died in 2002.

Check out his website: In addition to his divine products there are photos, his life story and some really helpful makeup lessons. I hope we can highlight more from this legend in future editions.

But until then, if the airline lost your luggage, what lost product would make you cry in front of a cabbie? In other words, your can’t
live without product is…

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