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kahina argan oilI strongly believe in the possibility of connecting with people from other cultures and creating an environment in which the little things we do throughout or daily lives positively affect the lives of people around the world. Even in something as seemingly inconsequential as our choice of skin care, it’s about a consciousness of the decisions we make every day.
– Katharine Phillips L’Heureux, Founder of Kahina – Giving Beauty
Jasmine Simone here! I love essential oils – they are so nurturing to my skin and have done wonders for scarring, dryness and other skin issues I have had in the past. Recently I discovered the wonders of Argan oil. So what exactly is argan oil you may be wondering? Only found in a few countries, Morocco being the main one, the argan tree oil is revered for it’s numerous nutritive, cosmetic, and medicinal properties. It is pressed from the seeds of the argan tree fruit and has been used for cooking and cosmetics for centuries before modern times (dating back to before the Phonecians.) Presently, argan trees are near extinction due to severe drought seasons and over use for of the trees for wood over the past 50 years. They are now a protected species by UNESCO and must be harvested sustainably to preserve these ancient tress that can live up to 200 years.

Fortunately, the Kahina – Giving Beauty brand adheres to this standard of environmentally-conscious processing. L’Heureux chose the name Kahina as an homage to the Berber queen (Berbers are the indigenous people in North Africa) and prophetess who reigned in Morocco circa 700 CE and “a heroine to the Berber women, Kahina represents empowerment and vision for women worldwide.” And that is exactly what founder, Katherine Phillips L’Heureux, was inspired to do when she created this line of products after a visit to Morocco brought her into the world of Berber women, who subsequently revealed to her the amazing, versatile properties of argan oil. Kahina works with the local women to provide them with a viable and sustainable way to make a living which subsequently improves their way of life. Taking it a step further, Kahina also sources rare essential ingredients from women’s cooperatives around the world, and donates 25% of their profits to support initiatives that improve the lives of impoverished women around the world.

This is 100% organic argan oil is fierce! As a black female already a sucker for nutritive essential oils to keep my combination skin in balance, this one is a keeper and I now place it up there among my favorites. Odorless and light (unlike many other popular oils i.e. olive, coconut and vitamin e) I’ve used it everywhere – my face, body, hair, even as a cuticle softener. Is there anything this oil can’t do? Even more incredible –  argan oil absorbs very well and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on me. Delightful! I can’t wait to try the other products in their line such as the serums, face cleanser and lotion which can all be purchased at According to the brand’s consumer testimonials it has helped a lot of people deal with their skin sensitivity issues. Based on the great opportunities this company provides to struggling women alone, I vote this product a winner.

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