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Meg here to bring you a fabulous, new green line called K Hall. It’s all 95% natural, cruelty free and made from all recyclabe and reusable materials. Wow! When this “Green Movement” came it really took hold. K Hall has been practicing their eco friendly practices for a decade!

I was sent a K Hall Grapefruit Mint Milled Shea Soap and a K Hall Scent Difuser in the aroma of “milk.”

I was driving home when my roomie Lydia called to warn me about the awful scent that had crept into our home. It was Lydia’s birthday a couple weeks back and being the popular gal she is, she came home with tons of different gorgeous floral arrangements in all sorts of vases. Unfortunately, the smell of the water and the dead flowers being cleaned up had fumigated our kitchen into a pretty foul smelling room. It was pretty strong but I told her that I was armed with a new difuser so we could test it out as soom as I got home.

We opened up our new difuser and as soon as we stuck the reeds in we set it in the window ledge above the kitchen sink. It only took about 10 minutes for the putrid smell to be replaced with an inviting aroma! Wafts of Milk, Vanilla and Coconut had now completely masked the original dead goldfish smell!
That was quite a test on its effectiveness and it completely passed with flying colors!

Here’s what K Hall says “K. hall designs has been hand making reed diffusers longer than nearly any domestic company and we believe we have found the best elements to a successful product. Thinker reeds enable the scent to travel better and saturate the reeds thoroughly to disperse the scent effectively. We use only the highest quality essential and fragrance oils. We do not add fillers or enhancers. Our blend is made with cosmetic grade ingredients so it can be applied as a personal body scent. Filled in a shatterproof amber bottle, the oil is protects from light until use, maintaining the integrity of the scent. Our glass apothecary bottle is made expressly for k. hall designs and can be re-used or refilled. Finally, packed in a shipping tube, the set travels very well to the shop, shipped or carried home!”

We were both so impressed with K Hall’s amazing home line that we were both highly anticipating our next experiment with their huge bar of Grapefruit Mint Milled Shea Soap. The soap smelled amazing as soon as it was unwrapped from the plastic. It lathers and it so creamy! It is packed with shea and cocoa butter so it makes your skin soft as buttah! They only use the highest qualities and I am dying to try the lilac! I loved this soap but since I live in LA I miss the scent of lilacs from back East.

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Ladies do you love K Hall! What do you think of Bev Hill trend shopping online?! Buy It Here!.

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